C 8: VI. The Treasure of God, P 3

VI. The Treasure of God, P 3

3 Let us glorify Him Whom the world denies, for over His Kingdom the world has no power. No one created by God can find joy in anything except the eternal; not because he is deprived of anything else, but because nothing else is worthy of him. What God and His Sons create is eternal, and in this and this only is their joy.


We have made a veil to hide our eternal creations from ourselves. How else could we play this child’s game of making up the impossible and living it as if it were real? We are not guilty for this. After all we are created free to have any experience we want. But we never meant to this illusion to be our home. The veil is thin and the memory of our true home is preserved in our mind so that we could never be lost in our fantasy.

The endgame is to wake up from the dream of play and return to eternity. That is all we are doing now. Jesus found the path out and he has provided us with this book, these lessons and his help so that we, too, can return Home. He is reminding us that we want to end the game and he is reminding us of the Voice that guides our every decision and corrects our thinking.

It seems that the hardest part of this is believing that there is something joyful and eternal that I could have instead of what I have come to believe is my life. How can I believe in something I cannot even imagine? But that is the flaw in the ego’s argument for remaining in the illusion. I can imagine. I can remember. This is possible because the memory of eternity is in my mind right next to the illusion that I made up. It isn’t hidden from me, but hidden by me. I can change my mind at any time and make a choice for reality.

This slow undoing of the ego is just a way to remember that I want to undo the ego. I have allowed myself to notice how uncomfortable I am in the illusion. I have become very sensitive to the pain and suffering of this world, and at the same time the Holy Spirit has drawn my attention to the truth in my mind.

So, slowly as I become aware of discomfort, I look at the belief that caused the discomfort. I realize that I chose this and that I can choose differently. I choose differently as I ask the Holy Spirit to choose for me. My mind becomes clearer than it was before and I notice discomfort and make new choices more quickly and with more enthusiasm. I am learning that not only do I no longer want to play the game of separation, but there is a way to stop and there is something infinitely better waiting for me. I am learning that I want to do this and that I can do this.

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