C 8: VI. The Treasure of God, P 1

VI. The Treasure of God, P 1

1 We are the joint will of the Sonship, whose Wholeness is for all. We begin the journey back by setting out together, and gather in our brothers as we continue together. Every gain in our strength is offered for all, so they too can lay aside their weakness and add their strength to us. God’s welcome waits for us all, and He will welcome us as I am welcoming you. Forget not the Kingdom of God for anything the world has to offer.


We are in this together. We are joining with Jesus and we are waking up. As we go along, we gather more and more of us. We do this through our words, our writing, and our actions. It happens even without the words and actions; it happens as we heal our mind. My mind is healed and so the mind is healed and every part of the mind experiences the healing in some way.

We cannot always see this in the world, but it is happening. I touch people I have never even met and probably never will. I affect the lives of people I see every day. It might seem like a small thing to me, a smile or kind word, but someone is changed because of it. Then there are the ones who are touching greater numbers of people, the celebrities like Oprah and Jim Carey who influence thousands of people. Social media has become an important platform for this gathering, spreading the word faster and farther than ever could have happened before.

Every contribution, small and large adds strength to all of us. We are truly in this together in every sense of the word. We are waking up and in the process we are helping others to wake up until finally we are awakened as one. This is no small thing. In fact, it is the only thing that matters.

I look like I am going to work, selling chemicals, visiting friends, helping people, writing, trying to lose weight, shopping. I have a story about all of this, but all the while I use these things, these activities, as a way to wake us all up. Even when I get so involved in them that I start to think they are goals within themselves, I pull my mind back to what matters.

I start to think my job is the way I provide for myself and that I have to defend it against others who would take it from me. Then I laugh because I remember that my job is just a back-drop for my real goal. I ask the Holy Spirit to help me remember the truth, to remember my true purpose.

I try to lose weight and I notice how others are doing it and think about trying this pill or that eating plan. Then I come back to my senses. The body and its size and shape are the effect not the cause. The cause is a belief in my mind that is being projected as a body. I ask the Holy Spirit for help in seeing this situation as it truly exists. I ask Him what He wants me to learn from this situation.

I think I want to do something and then I remember that I don’t want to make any decisions on my own. I ask for guidance and the mind is healed of an old belief. All those who are ready to accept that healing are healed with me. It is in little ways like this the mind is healed. It is like a tiny earthquake in the mind, a little tremor that passes through and everyone feels it and is affected by it in some way. Did I ever think there was me and then there was you? Did I see someone else and really believe they were someone else?

The world seems to be filled with interesting and sometimes fun distractions. It sometimes seems the world is a very serious place that needs my constant attention. But the world is nothing. I won’t get confused about that again. Nothing about the world is important other than how I can use it to show me what yet needs to be healed in the mind so that I can choose the healing.

I will continue to do the things that I must do. I will go to work, but I will use work to help us wake up. I will take care of the body, but I will use the body to help us wake up. Jesus has welcomed us to this journey and God welcomes us home. I will not tarry for anything in the world.

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