C 6: I. The Message of the Crucifixion, P 11

I. The Message of the Crucifixion, P 11

11 You are not persecuted, nor was I. You are not asked to repeat my experiences because the Holy Spirit, Whom we share, makes this unnecessary. To use my experiences constructively, however, you must still follow my example in how to perceive them. My brothers and yours are constantly engaged in justifying the unjustifiable. My one lesson, which I must teach as I learned it, is that no perception that is out of accord with the judgment of the Holy Spirit can be justified. I undertook to show this was true in an extreme case, merely because it would serve as a good teaching aid to those whose temptation to give in to anger and assault would not be so extreme. I will with God that none of His Sons should suffer.


I am so grateful to my brother, Jesus, for his example, as well as for his reassurance now that we are not expected emulate his example, only to learn from it. It is not God’s Will that we suffer. I am pretty unlikely to experience any situation more extreme than crucifixion and even if I did, I still know how to see it because Jesus showed me.

His lesson is this: I am never justified in judging anybody as guilty. That is I am to never, under any circumstances no matter how extreme they appear to be, to perceive out of accord with the Holy Spirit’s judgment. And His judgment is that the Sons of God are innocent.

I had to take my car to the dealership for repairs yesterday. I asked the mechanic at work to check it over first so that when I got there I would not be clueless, and more importantly, that the mechanics at the dealership would know I was not clueless. I always feel at the mercy of the mechanic because I don’t know if they are trying to take advantage of my ignorance. I have, more than once, suspected that they are doing so. This makes me feel like I am being persecuted.

This time I am doing it differently. I did check with our mechanic at work, but I also offered my mistaken thoughts to the Holy Spirit and asked for the miracle in exchange. I left my car with the dealership as well as the information I received from our mechanic, which saved the dealership mechanics some time as it guided them to the right area. I didn’t feel concerned about what happened or what it would cost. Already this was a different experience for me.

Late yesterday I went by to see how everything went. They took me out to the car to show me what needed to be done and why, and I actually talked with the young mechanic who was doing the work. It was obvious he took his job seriously and he explained everything very carefully, using visuals so I would understand. This has never happened before. He told me what I had to do and what I might could get away with doing. He carefully explained all his recommendations. I did not feel at all persecuted. ~smile~

They have to order a part. Normally, this would have panicked me because I will miss so much work. The cost is pretty high as well, and I don’t actually have enough money in hand to pay for it. Normally, before they order a part, I have to pay for it. This time they didn’t ask for any money, which is good since I don’t have it. I trust it will be there when I do have to pay for it since I’m learning to trust that it is not God’s Will that I suffer.

I haven’t suffered any panic or even concern since I handed the whole thing over to Spirit. The miracle I received in exchange was peace of mind. I am using this free time to work on my website and to do more writing. I am enjoying my unexpected “vacation” without anxiety. I see that I am probably going to have to buy a new car soon since this one is having periodic problems that cost me both money and work, so I am watching my mind for fear thoughts, which I can exchange for more miracles.

In the world it looks like I had an experience with my car and with money. In reality I have only one purpose, that is, to heal my mind of all false beliefs through asking for and accepting the Atonement. Yesterday, I remembered my purpose.

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