C 5: VI. Time and Eternity, P 3

VI. Time and Eternity, P 3

3 Remember the Kingdom always, and remember that you who are part of the Kingdom cannot be lost. The Mind that was in me is in you, for God creates with perfect fairness. Let the Holy Spirit remind you always of His fairness, and let me teach you how to share it with your brothers. How else can the chance to claim it for yourself be given you? The two voices speak for different interpretations of the same thing simultaneously; or almost simultaneously, for the ego always speaks first. Alternate interpretations were unnecessary until the first one was made.


Again and again, Jesus reminds us that we are still as we were created. We are part of the Kingdom, the Sonship, and this cannot change or be altered in any way. At the same time, he reminds us that we cannot claim our inheritance unless we claim it with our brothers. The mind that was in Christ is in us as well, but we will not know this as an experience unless we know it is true for everyone else.

It is easy to say that I know it, but as I watch my mind, I see thoughts that indicate I would hold some exceptions to this. There are brothers who I think of as less than. As I write this, he brings to my mind a person that I feel some antagonism toward, and someone I avoid because she is too much trouble. I think of someone I tend to judge.

Oh my, already I am surprised because I thought I seldom, if ever, exclude a brother from salvation. I see that I often do this in what I have thought of as little ways. I am appreciative of the opportunity to see this because I now have the opportunity to ask for correction. I must not, can not, will not exclude anyone from the Kingdom. To do so is to exclude myself, because in exclusion I have taught myself separation rather than wholeness.

As Jesus reminds us again, there are now two voices in our mind. There is the ego voice that we made so that we could experience separation. This voice always speaks first. It is this voice that believes I can have something my brother does not have. It is the voice that represents fear and lack. It continually bargains for its place in the Kingdom through putting down others. It says that there are only so many places available and so I must snatch from my brother one of those places. I do this by proving he is less worthy, and so the place should be mine.

I hear this voice first and I can believe that thought, or I can listen to the Voice for God Which is also in the mind. At the same time the ego speaks, the Holy Spirit is telling me that the Son of God is One and that it is worthy as One to be in the Kingdom. In fact, it tells me that the Son is the Kingdom. But I must know its unity if I am to know its worthiness. This Voice tells me that there is no lack in the Kingdom and that my place is guaranteed, being God’s Will. All I need to do to rest in the peace of the Kingdom is to accept our place as God’s Son.

Because these voices are diametrically opposed in their message, I must choose one or the other. Obviously, I cannot know I am One if I leave someone out. If I do not know I am one with my brothers, all my brothers, I cannot know my place in the Kingdom even though it is assured, and even though I am actually there. The knowledge of my place is lost to me when a brother is lost to me. I sincerely ask for the Atonement for each special relationship. I would exclude no one because I would not be lost to my Self any longer.

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