Book: Hey, Holy Spirit, It’s Me Again

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imageMy book, Hey, Holy Spirit, It’s Me Again has just become available at Pathways of Light for a new, lower price! Click here to order. The first two sections of the Daily Lessons are the foundation for the rest, and yet are often not fully appreciated. Whether this is your first time through the Lessons, or if you have done them many times, I think you will appreciate this journal which I did with the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and guidance. It has many real life examples of how I used what I was learning as I did the Lessons. Please click here to learn more about this book. To watch a video of Rev Myron talking about this book and reading from Hey, Holy Spirit, It’s Me Againclick here. It is also available on Kindle and Nook.


My new book is available now at It is a compilation of my studies of the Daily Lessons of A Course in Miracles, including the messages I have received from Holy Spirit and covers the first two sections of the Lessons. If you would like to see an example of this work, click here. It changes daily.

Review: Myron Jones has written a companion to A Course in Miracles’ Workbook for Students that is poignantly honest, abundantly insightful and at times very funny. Through Myron’s willingness to be completely transparent, we discover ourselves in her writing. We see our thoughts, and we find our answers in the guidance Holy Spirit shares with Myron. If we have ever doubted that we are all the same, Myron’s book will end that doubt forever. (Regina Dawn Akers, author of The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament) You will want to make this book your companion as you go through the daily lessons of the Workbook of A Course in Miracles. Myron’s self-honesty will inspire you to look honestly at your own fears and guilt that interfere with your relationships and disturb your peace. She openly shares her process of recognizing guilt and fear in myriad situations and bringing them to the Holy Spirit for insight and healing. Her many examples of applying the lessons to daily life experience and relationships at home and work demonstrate the practical benefits of Course lessons. We highly recommend this book. (Robert & Mary Stoelting, co-founders of Pathways of Light)

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