Lesson 9 The Power of Your Thoughts

Never, ever believe that your thoughts are neutral. I said earlier that events are neutral but your thoughts are not. For your thoughts literally are imbued with the power of creation. They do not create neutrally. That is, every thought reverberates a quality of vibration that spreads out from you, touches the shore of manifested reality, and comes back to you. That is what you experience as the positive and negative events of your life.

…as you expedience the reverberation, the coming back of the ripples you have sent out, in that very moment you are not a victim of what you have created. …You are free to choose how you will experience the effect of that ripple.

What I learned
Once again Jeshua speaks of my infinite freedom as God’s Son. Even in experiencing the effects of my own creations I am not a victim. I am free to experience them however I choose. And in choosing to view them differently I am creating a new tomorrow, one without the negative effects of today’s ripple. I watch today’s ripple play itself out, but I watch it with love, fully embracing it as my creation, knowing it does not change who I am. And, as Jeshua says, as I embrace it and transmute it I am already engaged in a process of creating a whole different kind of vibrational ripple that will create my tomorrows.

I am still experiencing the effects of a certain ripple that I caused. As I sit here feeling itchy from poison ivy I sometimes think how miserable I am and how much I hate poison ivy. As quickly as I notice this thought I realize that it has its own vibrational quality, and it is not one I want. So I choose again. I become willing to see the mystery of creation and to embrace it fully. I remember that it is my intention to allow and accept. It is what it is. I feel the tension drain from my body and my mind dissolve into peace. How I experience the poison ivy episode is up to me. I am not a victim; not on any level.

All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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