Lesson 86 2021

Lesson 86

Only God’s plan will work.

W-pI.86.1. (71) Only God’s plan for salvation will work.

2 It is senseless for me to search wildly about for salvation. 3 I have seen it in many people and in many things, but when I reached for it, it was not there. 4 I was mistaken about where it is. 5 I was mistaken about what it is. 6 I will under take no more idle seeking. 7 Only God’s plan for salvation will work. 8 And I will rejoice because His plan can never fail.

W-pI.86.2. These are some suggested forms for applying this idea specifically:

2 God’s plan for salvation will save me from my perception of this.
3 This is no exception in God’s plan for my salvation.
4 Let me perceive this only in the light of God’s plan for salvation.

My Thoughts

These ideas are for review today:

I have some extra things to do today and it is on a deadline, so I decided last night to be sure I got plenty of sleep. I fell asleep at a reasonable hour and then woke up thirty minutes later and was unable to go back to sleep for a long time. If I thought that I had to get that good night’s sleep and awaken early, I would be very disappointed and worried that I would not get everything done. This is an example of looking for my salvation where it can’t be found and in a form that will fail me. I didn’t do that.

When I became aware of that thought in my mind, I let it go immediately. I don’t know how today will unfold but I trust everything will occur as needed and I will disregard any plans made through the ego thought system. This is an example of finding my salvation where it exists. Today, regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen, I will not hold a grievance against sleeplessness or a busy schedule. I will be at peace and happy.

W-pI.86.3. (72) Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.

2 Holding grievances is an attempt to prove that God’s plan for salvation will not work. 3 Yet only His plan will work. 4 By holding grievances, I am therefore excluding my only hope of salvation from my awareness. 5 I would no longer defeat my own best interests in this insane way. 6 I would accept God’s plan for salvation, and be happy.

W-pI.86.4. Specific applications for this idea might be in these forms:

2 I am choosing between misperception and salvation as I look on this.
3 If I see grounds for grievances in this, I will not see the grounds for my salvation.
4 This calls for salvation, not attack.

My Thoughts

I am going through my clothes and shoes and my kitchen stuff getting rid of what is no longer needed. I have these piles of things all over the house and I am not comfortable in this disorder. I want everything done right now and it just isn’t possible. So, I am willing to see this differently. In this case, what happened as I asked for another perception, a different way to see it, is that I feel comfortable. I am relaxed around this and I accept that I can work with the time and the situation. I have already seen a way I can deal with this differently.

When I was worried about how to do this in the time period given me, I was attacking myself. When I was trying to make everything different, or even trying to think of it differently in order to feel more comfortable with the situation, I was attacking God’s plan for salvation. Allowing my mind to be healed is God’s plan for salvation and the most apparent and most welcome effect is my peace of mind.

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