Lesson 30 2021

Lesson 30 

God is in everything I see because God is in my mind. 

W-pI.30.1. The idea for today is the springboard for vision. 2 From this idea will the world open up before you, and you will look upon it and see in it what you have never seen before. 3 Nor will what you saw before be even faintly visible to you. 

W-pI.30.2. Today we are trying to use a new kind of “projection.” 2 We are not attempting to get rid of what we do not like by seeing it outside. 3 Instead, we are trying to see in the world what is in our minds, and what we want to recognize is there. 4 Thus, we are trying to join with what we see, rather than keeping it apart from us. 5 That is the fundamental difference between vision and the way you see. 

W-pI.30.3. Today’s idea should be applied as often as possible throughout the day. 2 Whenever you have a moment or so, repeat it to yourself slowly, looking about you, and trying to realize that the idea applies to everything you do see now, or could see now if it were within the range of your sight. 

W-pI.30.4. Real vision is not limited to concepts such as “near” and “far.” 2 To help you begin to get used to this idea, try to think of things beyond your present range as well as those you can actually see, as you apply today’s idea. 

W-pI.30.5. Real vision is not only unlimited by space and distance, but it does not depend on the body’s eyes at all. 2 The mind is its only source. 3 To aid in helping you to become more accustomed to this idea as well, devote several practice periods to applying today’s idea with your eyes closed, using whatever subjects come to mind, and looking within rather than without. 4 Today’s idea applies equally to both. 


And so now we know why God is in everything we see because God is in our mind. Wait. God is in my mind? Yes, He is and you are in His Mind. There is no separation in God. The world is in our mind as well, being a projection of our thoughts given image. So, if God is in my mind, God is in whatever I see. The reason it does not appear so is that we are still somewhat confused about our seeing. 

We have a habit of thinking that we really see with our eyes. Our eyes only show us what we expect to see. In yesterday’s lesson we are told that when we look at anything, remind ourselves to do so with love and appreciation and to look with an open mind. If we give our total attention to what the eyes show us and how the mind interprets that image, we will fail to see what is right there. That is why we must keep our mind open. In this way we are asking what is there instead of deciding on what is there. 

If we look with love and appreciation, we won’t push against it, or try to push it away, or try to deny it. We will gladly embrace it, take it within to the Heart of our being where it can be purified, removing all that is not real. We will be left with a world more loving and kinder where we can find peace no matter what is going on there. 

I was reminded of something this morning while talking to a friend. I was telling her about a time in my life when I completely overreacted to a situation. I became very angry and had a temper tantrum. I realize now the reason for this was that I interpreted an innocent situation as being a threat to me. This ‘threat’ triggered fear which was caused by a memory of a loss of power and therefore, I felt like I was not safe. 

Recognizing that my root cause for my upset was that on a fundamental level, I did not feel safe gives me the opportunity to release the false belief that I am not safe. I am immortal, how could I not be safe. This body is not me so what do I care what happens to it when I am through with it? Let it die when I’m done with it. Not being physical in nature, I realize physical death is irrelevant to me.  

Because I am not physical but spirit, I am invulnerable. I have no need for the appearance of control in this story. I am completely unaffected by anything that seems to be happening in the story of Myron. Fundamentally, I am safe in eternity, no matter how it might appear in time. This, or some feeling that came to me with this logic freed me from its affects.  

Now when similar situations occur, there is nothing in me to be triggered. I see the world in a different way now. I don’t walk around with my fear going before me like a shield that I falsely believed protected me from danger. I don’t see people as antagonists or as enemies. With that change, I lost the desire to defend myself or to attack anyone. If those kinds of thoughts rise up in me from time to time, I undo them by embracing the opportunity with love, appreciation, and with open mindedness. The world looks very different to me now and I sometimes I have trouble connecting with the person I used to be and the world I used to live in. 

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