Lesson 252

Lesson 252

The Son of God is my Identity.

My Self is holy beyond all the thoughts of holiness of which I now conceive. Its shimmering and perfect purity is far more brilliant than is any light that I have ever looked upon. Its love is limitless, with an intensity that holds all things within it, in the calm of quiet certainty. Its strength comes not from burning impulses which move the world, but from the boundless Love of God Himself. How far beyond this world my Self must be, and yet how near to me and close to God!

Father, You know my true Identity. Reveal It now to me who am Your Son, that I may waken to the truth in You, and know that Heaven is restored to me.


Oh, my dear God, what a lesson! I often sit with the idea of knowing my Self, but I realize now that I have no idea what that means. I just wanted to rise above the world we made, to be free of the limits of the ego. I had not thought to rise so high! How am I supposed to relate to the Self that this lesson describes?

It makes me cry to think of it. I don’t know if they are tears of regret that I have come so far from reality or tears of love that I am my Self, still. Maybe both. I feel both encouraged that my Self is so close to God and therefore, so am I even though it doesn’t seem so, and discouraged that I feel so far from my reality that I cannot even relate to it. Ha ha. I just read what I wrote. My Self is close and therefore so am I? Like I am different and separate from my Self? I am Self. What I am not is the ego-self.

Regina’s Tips on What Is Sin?

When the subtle mind emerges through the brain and the senses, the gross names and forms are cognized. When it remains in the Heart names and forms disappear… If the mind remains in the Heart, the ‘I’ or the ego which is the source of all thoughts will go, and the Self, the Real, Eternal ‘I’ alone will shine. Where there is not the slightest trace of the ego, there is the Self. ~ Ramana Maharshi

Regina’s Tips on the lesson

Today is a day to give willingness to know your true Self. Stay in the heart today. Review the quote above along with today’s excerpt from our special theme. Ask yourself questions like, “If I am not this body, this mind, this personality, what am I?”

My Thoughts

I think I need to remember more often during the day that I am not what I seem to be. I do this when I feel myself drawn to ego thoughts, but that doesn’t happen often, so it would be good to ask what I am and to attempt to stay in the heart as much as I can.

Past Entries

It is frustrating to know that I am something unimaginable and to know that I can remember what that is, and yet, to not be able to get back to that in a real way. Having a full awareness of this is not the same thing as accepting that it exists. I feel like someone looking in the window at a feast and imagining what it would taste like. It is definitely not the same as eating it.

I am going to continue to use the prayer in this lesson. As far as I can tell, my part is to continue to release everything that keeps me from the truth and allow my willingness to grow. What on earth is there for me to fear in Awakening? What is there in the separation that I still value so much that I cannot give it up? I cannot think what that is. I long for God and for my Self and for my Brothers to be all that I know. I long to know myself as one with All That Is.

Reveal it now, Father!

From a past post.

One night I had a dream in which I was receiving very frightening threats and there seemed no way out of the situation. I woke from the dream in the middle of the night. I seldom have scary dreams but when I do, I usually wake myself completely so I won’t go right back into the dream. This time was different, though. I lay there while the Holy Spirit explained the dream to me. He helped me to see the attacker in my dream was symbolic of the ego, and that it could not actually hurt me.

I went back to sleep and the attacker took on the form of someone I know who scares me and who I avoid at all costs. I became very loving toward this person, and I allowed him to lie at my back, which seemed to symbolize my willingness to trust. I knew he was still unpredictable, but I chose to treat him with love rather than fear and suspicion. Then in the dream, I heard someone say he was dying. I woke up understanding that all my fears are just ego beliefs symbolized by the situations and people in my life, and that the way to healing is to forgive, to join and to love in spite of appearances. This is how the ego dies.

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