ACIM Workbook Daily Lesson 215 2021

ACIM Lesson 215

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

1. (195) Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

²The Holy Spirit is my only Guide. ³He walks with me in love. ⁴And I give thanks to Him for showing me the way to go.

⁵I am not a body. ⁶I am free.
⁷For I am still as God created me.

(ACIM, W-215.1:1-7)

Oh my, yes! The Holy Spirit is my only Guide and I am so grateful. I do still notice ego thoughts but not all the time, not even most of the time, and I am not interested in keeping them or believing them. I sometimes get caught up in trying to decide what to do and how to do it, but there is an underlying calmness that is the Love of God and it pulls me back.

I did this with my house repairs recently. All the inside is finished and has been finished for a while now. There is work that needs to be done on the outside and it is hard to get contractors to work with you because thousands of people need work done. Once in a while, I start worrying about it and trying to figure out how to do this, but it can’t sustain my attention for long. I think it may be time now, though, because some ideas have occurred to me. I might follow up on one of them to see how it goes.

I’m not worried about this and I’m not going to force something to happen. I’m waiting to be guided and sometimes the guidance is clear and sometimes not as clear, but if I want guidance it will come. Some people think we shouldn’t ask for guidance in these worldly things, but I have never felt that was true. In the Song of Prayer, Jesus says this.

2. You have been told to ask the Holy Spirit for the answer to any specific problem, and that you will receive a specific answer if such is your need. ²You have also been told that there is only one problem and one answer. ³In prayer this is not contradictory. ⁴There are decisions to make here, and they must be made whether they be illusions or not. ⁵You cannot be asked to accept answers which are beyond the level of need that you can recognize. ⁶Therefore, it is not the form of the question that matters, nor how it is asked. ⁷The form of the answer, if given by God, will suit your need as you see it. ⁸This is merely an echo of the reply of His Voice. ⁹The real sound is always a song of thanksgiving and of Love. (ACIM, S-1.I.2:1-9)

In Chapter 30, The Rules for Decision, Jesus says we make decisions continuously and that our day is not at random, that it depends on the decisions we make. And he tells us this.

⁷You will not make decisions by yourself whatever you decide. ⁸For they are made with idols or with God. ⁹And you ask help of anti-Christ or Christ, and which you choose will join with you and tell you what to do. (ACIM, T-30.I.14:7-9)


For you and your adviser must agree on what you want before it can occur. ³It is but this agreement that permits all things to happen. ⁴Nothing can be caused without some form of union, be it with a dream of judgment or the Voice for God. ⁵Decisions cause results because they are not made in isolation. ⁶They are made by you and your adviser, for yourself and for the world as well. (ACIM, T-30.I.16:2-6)

I do not want to make any decision with the anti-Christ (the ego or the wrong mind) and so I ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all things and do my best to accept and follow that guidance.