Lesson 206 Year 2020


I am not a body. I am free.

For I am still as God created me.

1 (186) Salvation of the world depends on me.

I am entrusted with the gifts of God, because I am His Son. And I would give His gifts where He intended them to be.

I am not a body. I am free.

For I am still as God created me.


God has given me peace and joy. These attributes are part of me and cannot be lost to me though they can be ignored. I choose to give them as often as I can. I was at the doctor’s and felt such gratitude for all the personnel who are involved in caring for this body. This gratitude extended to feeling love for each person simply because they are part of the Family of God and thus a part of my Self.

This love showed itself as an interest in them. There were two people at the desk and one, in particular, seemed to be not very happy. So, I asked her how she was doing today, and looking into her eyes, I waited to hear. I talked to them like they were friends. I asked the nurse how her day was going and she said that she was here. I laughed and said sometimes just showing up is a win. She laughed with me and we enjoyed our time together. When I left, I didn’t need to check out so I was walking directly to the door and both of those women at the desk, called out to me to have a good day. I had not heard them do that before. It is a gift to give a little joy wherever you go.

There are other ways to give these gifts. Accepting them for myself is the part I need to do and from me they flow to where they are needed simply because I am willing to receive and give. I don’t necessarily know where the miracle goes, and that does not matter. I want it for everyone and that desire is my part in giving it. It is directed by Others to where it is most needed and can be accepted. It is a very efficient way of awakening the Sonship.

Before I can give something away, I must first have it. That makes sense even in this upside-down world. If I am anxious or angry, I cannot give love because I cannot be in those two states at the same time. So, I work on my thoughts and beliefs all the time, clearing my mind of the blocks to love’s presence. When I first became purposeful in surrendering self, I thought it would be the big stuff that would confound me, and was confused about why it was so hard to let go of the little things. I also found it to be a little scary and I didn’t know why.

 In my morning meditative writing, I asked the Holy Spirit to help me understand what was going on.

Holy Spirit: Myron it is hard for you to understand that there are no minor and major errors in your thinking. Each unhappy thought, each frightening thought, is a symbol of the separation from God. You have made decisions before and have experienced the same thing. You are more nervous about this because you recognize that this decision is more encompassing than any you have done before. You also realize that you can do this, and in doing it, you are going to change everything.

Me: Holy Spirit, I want to change everything. I want only peace. I want to be wholly loving. Why am I so afraid?

Holy Spirit: Precious one, to be wholly loving is to be whole. It is to give up your ego identity. This is to give up nothing, but it is a nothing that you are still strongly identified with. Do not deny this fear, but let it rise to your consciousness and allow yourself to feel it. You will see that the fear comes and goes and you remain unaffected by it. The saying, there is nothing to fear but fear itself is very true. By allowing yourself to experience the feelings attached to the idea of fear you will see that it does not destroy you. I am with you, and as you allow the symbols of separation to rise freely in your mind, I will correct them for you.

Do not judge the process and you will not become discouraged. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for everything that happens in your life and to recognize how perfect each thing is. All of the circumstances that seemed like problems and that seemed bad will now feel like steps toward Heaven as you use them to undo the ego in your mind. When ego thoughts arise in your mind, say to yourself that this thought is not loving and so does not belong in my holy mind. Imagine that you pull a weed from your garden each time you do this. Do not judge the weed. Weeds happen in unattended gardens, but now you have noticed that your garden is overgrown with them and you are removing them so that God’s Love can express Itself through you.

Regina’s Tips

So far during this review period, we have asked for guidance after noticing that we were caught in the ego perspective. Today, let’s put spiritual intuition up front.

Instead of waiting to get caught in the ego perspective before asking for guidance, let’s ask for guidance all through the day. In other words, instead of getting caught and then asking for help, let’s allow guidance to lead us through the day so that we don’t get caught in ego snares. Let’s stay in the heart today, with spiritual intuition in the lead.

Original tip for this idea

My Thoughts

I had to really practice this for a long time. I would start out ok, but would soon be off and running with my old partner, the ego. But now I seldom do that. I am aware of spiritual intuition as I go through my day. What I am working at now is reducing the time I spend listening to the chatter of the mind. It is coming along pretty well, but I get impatient with myself sometimes that I am not doing better. I am aware of the irony. I am asking the ego how I am doing with the practice of ignoring the ego. Ha ha.