Lesson 205 Year 2020


I am not a body. I am free.

For I am still as God created me.

1 (185) I want the peace of God.

The peace of God is everything I want. The peace of God is my one goal; the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life, while I abide where I am not at home.

I am not a body. I am free.

For I am still as God created me.


*This is absolutely my favorite lesson. I keep it taped at the bottom of my computer screen and on my phone. I think about it when I am upset or disgruntled about something. Do I want someone to call me? Or do I want the peace of God? Do I want to lose weight or do I want the peace of God? Whatever it is I think I want in the world is just a weak attempt to be at peace. Why not just let life unfold as it is going to anyway and accept the peace of God right now as it unfolds?

This is a perfect lesson for me today. Yesterday was difficult. I had a lot going on and I was in pain for most of it. Nothing was going as expected. I did go to Spirit with each thought that was disturbing my peace and that’s good. But it still felt like a lot. I let it all go last night and woke up with a renewed sense of purpose.

I have some appointments I have to fit into my already tight schedule and for a few minutes, I felt overwhelmed again, but then I just sat down with my calendar and worked each appointment in one at a time until it was done. Even my lesson was put on hold until this necessary job was completed. Now I am working on this lesson and laughing a bit at how appropriate it is.

When I felt overwhelmed, I was not at peace but I know my purpose and so, I chose peace. I asked Holy Spirit what needed to be done now, and I did that. I kept doing that and I stayed at peace. In those moments when I started to feel anxious about getting the next thing done, I remembered that getting things done is not my purpose; peace is my purpose. Now I am at the end of my day, and while not everything is done, everything that must be done has been done and I am at peace. Yay! Success!

Regina’s Tips

What is it that your mind thinks you want? What are your dreams? Why do you want those dreams? Spend time inquiring into your dreams to find what they represent for you. Do you really want that thing or circumstance, the object of your dream, or do you actually seek the peace of God?

Today is a good day to review the teaching from a previous Weekly Gathering entitled, “Wanting.” If you would like to listen, you can skip to 33:10 in this audio.

Original tip for this idea

My Thoughts

That’s an interesting question. What does my mind think it wants? Right now, it thinks it wants to be free of pain. It also wants to be free of problems it doesn’t know how to solve. The mind doesn’t know how to ask for what it wants because it doesn’t really understand what is wrong and what the solution would be. I’ve learned not to listen to my egos desires nor its solutions because doing so has only led to more problems and to suffering.

This body has pain right now and a variety of problems. The Holy Spirit leads me out of this situation by helping me to remember that I am not the body that has problems and as I move further from that belief, I suffer less. I have seen that this is true and so I know this is the solution. I give Holy Spirit the belief I am a body and the desire to experience myself as the body. I give Holy Spirit the belief there is some value in experiencing a body and in claiming it as me.

I see that up until now, I have been looking in the wrong direction for a solution. I have been focused on the story of a suffering body. It is my mind that I need to look at, the thoughts and beliefs that I am holding onto. The particular form the suffering takes isn’t really relevant. As I am writing this I realize that it sounds like there is something really wrong with the body, but that isn’t true.

There are actually just a number of little things wrong, but I am a real baby when it comes to pain. And as I write this, I am reminded that I am suffering from my thoughts about what might happen. The actual pain I am experiencing is very minor. This is so funny. I have sacrificed my peace of mind for no reason, just thoughts in my head. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for that reminder. It is easy to get caught up in the story and miss the lesson altogether. I almost fell for that ego distraction.

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