Lesson 144 2021

Lesson 144 

(127) There is no love but God’s. 

My mind holds only what I think with God. 

(128) The world I see holds nothing that I want. 

(ACIM, W-144

All that I want is to know myself as the Love that I am, to live from that knowing even while my attention is focused on the world. To do this, I constantly release all thoughts that don’t reflect that desire. I know that there is nothing in the world that has any meaning to me, nothing that has value, other than that which reflects the Love of God. Sometimes, I slip up and find myself in some ego story but it doesn’t take long for me to realize that I have chosen something I don’t really want.  

I turn to the Holy Spirit and ask Him for clarity. I ask Him to show me another way to see. He never lets me down. Yesterday, I had one of those slips. I knew that I was somehow reviewing a story of Myron from the perspective of the ego but I felt confused about how I got there. It is so uncomfortable to be in this position. I told the Holy Spirit that I knew I was lost in an ego story and needed Him to correct my thinking.  

The whole mess began to unravel as the Holy Spirit showed me the thought behind each upset. It was all so apparent once I made up my mind that all I wanted was to return to peace. It is a miracle when something like this happens. One moment, I am confused and upset and the next moment I see the problem and release it to the Holy Spirit and it’s all over and I am at peace. 

Another time, I noticed that I felt an underlying sense of stress and that is an attack on myself. I asked the Holy Spirit what was going on and I was given the answer. It was a belief that I was behind on my work and didn’t see how I could catch up. I didn’t realize that I was feeling this until I asked for clarity about not feeling completely happy. He was showing me how these unacknowledged thoughts are hurting me. I am grateful. 

My part is always to be vigilant for thoughts and feelings and to turn to the Holy Spirit when I am not at peace. Together we look at what is going on in my mind and knowing that being right is not important to me, I turn it all over to Him. It is not my job to heal myself, only to desire healing and to accept it. I go from fear to love, and while sometimes it takes a while to make that shift, often it is immediate. Always I am grateful.