Lesson 143 2021

Lesson 143

My mind holds only what I think with God.

(125) In quiet I receive God’s Word today.

(126) All that I give is given to myself.

(ACIM, W-143)

I am reminding myself frequently that my mind holds only what I think with God. The other nonsense is not my real thoughts. My real thoughts are not words or even ideas, just a knowing. Sometimes I will suddenly feel love and this is love that did not come with a happening or a word thought. It was just there. That is a thought I think with God. It is a different way to think of the idea of thought.

Sometimes I think with words that are in alignment with the thoughts I think with God and that can elicit a feeling of love and it is helpful, but it is the underlying feeling that is real. In the Song of Prayer, we are told that the form of the answer to our prayers, if given by God, will suit our needs as we see them. Jesus then tells us that the real sound is always a song of thanksgiving and of Love. He says that in true prayer, you hear only the song. That song is what I think of as the thoughts I think with God.

I give myself frequent moments of quiet as I receive God’s Word, as I hear the song. In the Song of Prayer, Jesus says that it is a stepping aside, a letting go, a quiet time of listening and loving.

I am also very aware that what I give is given to myself. I am always the first receiver of all I give. It is my desire to give only what will bring me closer to God; to give love and comfort, kindness and compassion, to give always only what I want for myself. If I notice that I have given something else, I ask the Holy Spirit to heal my mind.