Lesson 120 2021

Lesson 120

For morning and evening review:

1. (109) I rest in God.

²I rest in God today, and let Him work in me and through me, while I rest in Him in quiet and in perfect certainty.

Today, I went for my walk at the rec center. There is a walking track above the basketball court and on each wall, there is a sign saying that you have to wear your mask correctly or you will be asked to leave. When someone else is there, I do that but it cuts down on how long I can walk. I find it hard to breathe when I am walking briskly for too long.

When I am alone, I take the mask off and I have a better walk. Because I would see the sign frequently, I started thinking about what I would say if an employee came up and saw me. I would say that some of the employees don’t wear a mask at all so why should I? Then I realized that this was defensive and it is in my defenselessness that my safety lies. I then realized that it was also an attack and I know that I cannot God’s presence if I attack His Son.

I asked the Holy Spirit to look with me on those attack thoughts and to remove them from my mind. I chose to rest in God and let Him work in me and through me. I am fully convinced that these decisions guarantee an answer and a healing. I enjoyed the rest of my walk in peace.

2. (110) I am as God created me.

²I am God’s Son. ³Today I lay aside all sick illusions of myself, and let my Father tell me Who I really am.

I am as God created me. No matter what is going on in the story of Myron, I remain as God created me. This morning when I was walking and had the judgmental thoughts about the masks, I noticed how judgment takes my awareness off of my true self. Looking at the world through the lens of the ego thought system shows me sick illusions. I seem to be a judgmental person, full of animosity and defensiveness.

When I change my mind and ask for healing, I remember Who I really am and the world feels entirely different. I don’t see a reason to judge and to defend. I see my brothers playing their part in our classroom, giving me a chance to look at the beliefs in judgment so that I can decide if judgment brings me closer to my Self or further from my Self.

In that way, I can make an honest decision about what I want to believe. Looking at it with the Holy Spirit, I can let my mind be healed, and doing this frequently has helped me to form the habit of choosing my right mind instead of my ego thought system to interpret events. And when I do choose falsely, the habit of right thinking makes it easy to change my mind.

3. On the hour:
²I rest in God.

³On the half hour:
⁴I am as God created me.

(ACIM, W-120.1:1–3:4)

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