Lesson 116 2021

Lesson 116

For morning and evening review:

1. (101) God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.

²God’s Will is perfect happiness for me. ³And I can suffer but from the belief there is another will apart from His.

If God’s Will for me is perfect happiness, then I must be perfectly happy. There is nothing else that could happen. So if I am not experiencing perfect happiness, I must be imagining that there is some will apart from God’s Will. And yet, there is only God so there cannot be a will apart from His.  

But what do I do to return my mind to reality? Recognizing that my mind is the source of the problem, I become determined to discover what if is in my mind that is causing unhappiness. Once discovered, there is a simple solution. I release the thought to the Holy Spirit in exchange for the miracle of a healed mind. 

2. (102) I share God’s Will for happiness for me. 

²I share my Father’s Will for me, His Son. ³What He has given me is all I want. ⁴What He has given me is all there is. 

Strangely enough, it seems that I need to be convinced that I, too, want to be happy. I suppose that I have told myself that I do want to be happy but that I want to be happy on my own terms. I have thought that I knew what would make me happy and have sought that instead of God’s Will. That is how I have made a false will that seems to be separate from God’s Will.  

I have tried so many times in so many ways to make myself happy. The best I have ever achieved through this separate will was momentary pleasure and even then, it was tinged with fear and guilt so it was not the pure happiness that is always mine. To become aware of this perfect happiness that cannot be disturbed, I must first let go of the personal will I made to take the place of God’s Will.  

As I do this, I realize that there really is only His Will, and what I made is an illusion. It doesn’t exist. To be happy, I only need to relinquish what never existed. How could this be a sacrifice? I wonder what it is that we think is of such value that we would trade eternal joy for it?  

I asked myself this question and the way I found the answer was to surrender everything to God. I started with the things I do during the day. I spend at least an hour in the mornings with Him. That hour is surrendered. I spend the day talking about the Course with others, sharing courses with them. I surrender that to the Holy Spirit. From a surrendered place, I can continue this communication, or I can go into silence, whatever it is He would have me do. I can do it with Him in charge or do it without putting Him in charge and each moment of the day I make that decision over and over. 

How about my evenings? Would I be willing to surrender my TV schedule to Him? Would I be willing to ask Him what to watch, or even if I should watch anything? How does it make me feel to think of being in complete surrender in this area of my life? How about meditation time? Do I start a meditation by deciding how it should go and how long it should last? That is not surrender.  

I see lots of ways that I choose to follow a false personal will. Are any of these activities more important than full awakening? Are any of them worth more to me than remembering Who I Am? Do any of them bring me perfect happiness as will sharing God’s Will for me? 

3. On the hour:
²God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.

³On the half hour:
⁴I share God’s Will for happiness for me.

(ACIM, W-116.1:1–3:4)

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