Lesson 10 The Way is Easy and Without Effort

Here I am free.
Heaven is now. The past is passed away, and I choose anew.

This day, I commit myself to teaching only Love
by sharing only loving thoughts.

This one day, I will look upon each one that comes into my experience
And I will breathe deeply the presence of the Holy Spirit.

And I will look out through eyes transformed
by the simple acknowledgment of the truth:
All minds are joined, and I see not a stranger before me,
but one who walks as I walk, who feels as I feel, who longs as I long,
who is humbled as I am humbled, who prays for peace a I have prayed.

Therefore, I will give them what they seek.
And in that giving, I receive it.

What I learned
When I sit with this prayer and this commitment early in the morning, before the day’s seemingly endless stream of people appear to pass before me, I am deeply touched and inspired. In this quiet moment I understand my purpose and I am dedicated to it. As the day goes on I am challenged to keep this certainty fixed firmly in my mind and usually lose it before the day ends. But the next morning, I am given the opportunity to remember, once again, and in practicing it during the day, to make it more surely mine.

Jeshua, could there be any other purpose to my day? I cannot, at this moment think what it could be. Each person I meet today is another chance for me to acknowledge the truth and to know that I am One Whole Mind with no separate and opposing parts. This simple exercise feels sacred to me, and when the day ends I am newly astounded at how often I forgot my purpose. But I choose not to dwell on the forgetful moments, but rather to rejoice in those times when I chose to join. And so I end my day in forgiveness of my forgetfulness and it gratitude for the day I just lived and the gifts it brought me. And I pray that in my dreams the Holy Spirit will prepare me for the next day’s lessons.

All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.


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