ACIM Daily Lesson: Workbook 10 Year 2020

ACIM Workbook Lesson 10

My thoughts do not mean anything.

W-pI.10.1. This idea applies to all the thoughts of which you are aware, or become aware in the practice periods. 2 The reason the idea is applicable to all of them is that they are not your real thoughts. 3 We have made this distinction before, and will do so again. 4 You have no basis for comparison as yet. 5 When you do, you will have no doubt that what you once believed were your thoughts did not mean anything.

W-pI.10.2. This is the second time we have used this kind of idea. 2 The form is only slightly different. 3 This time the idea is introduced with “My thoughts” instead of “These thoughts,” and no link is made overtly with the things around you. 4 The emphasis is now on the lack of reality of what you think you think.

W-pI.10.3. This aspect of the correction process began with the idea that the thoughts of which you are aware are meaningless, outside rather than within; and then stressed their past rather than their present status. 2 Now we are emphasizing that the presence of these “thoughts” means that you are not thinking. 3 This is merely another way of repeating our earlier statement that your mind is really a blank. 4 To recognize this is to recognize nothingness when you think you see it. 5 As such, it is the prerequisite for vision.

W-pI.10.4. Close your eyes for these exercises, and introduce them by repeating the idea for today quite slowly to yourself. 2 Then add:

3 This idea will help to release me from all that I now believe.

4 The exercises consist, as before, in searching your mind for all the thoughts that are available to you, without selection or judgment. 5 Try to avoid classification of any kind. 6 In fact, if you find it helpful to do so, you might imagine that you are watching an oddly assorted procession going by, which has little if any personal meaning to you. 7 As each one crosses your mind, say:

 8 My thought about _____ does not mean anything. 9 My thought about _____ does not mean anything.

W-pI.10.5. Today’s thought can obviously serve for any thought that distresses you at any time. 2 In addition, five practice periods are recommended, each involving no more than a minute or so of mind searching. 3 It is not recommended that this time period be extended, and it should be reduced to half a minute or less if you experience discomfort. 4 Remember, however, to repeat the idea slowly before applying it specifically, and also to add:

 5 This idea will help to release me from all that I now believe.

Initial Insight: I think I believe this and yet I pay attention to some of my thoughts as if they are gospel. If my thoughts don’t mean anything, then why let them upset me? More importantly, if I think my thoughts are meaningful, I will allow them to take the place of what is true and meaningful. These meaningless thoughts are taking the place of my real thoughts.

Daily Application: I am going to the hospital for a procedure and the person who was supposed to take me got sick at the last minute. The immediate thought I had was, “Oh, no,” followed by thoughts of who could take her place and would I have to cancel and what would that mean to my health. But one thing I know for sure is that the barrage of bad news thoughts that just went through my mind are meaningless.

I decided to let life unfold. I didn’t know if I could find someone else or not. I didn’t really know if it mattered. But clearing my mind in this way opened me to guidance and I found someone else to do this for me. I could have worried about it and thought how unfair life is or I could remember that my thoughts are meaningless and thus clear my mind so that inspiration could be received. I’m glad I no longer believe my thoughts.

Insights from Holy Spirit: You did well today. The chatter in your mind persists as long as you are interested in it and you will be interested in it if you believe it is meaningful. You have proven to yourself that the Holy Spirit will guide you in all things if you don’t insist on using the ego mind to guide you instead. Sometimes you forget momentarily, but you always reconsider. Just remember what matters in this life. You came here this time to heal your mind. Use every situation, this one included, to heal your mind.

Gratitude: Thank you, Holy Spirit for giving me the thoughts that keep me on the path.

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