C 7: IX. The Extension of the Kingdom, P 5

IX. The Extension of the Kingdom, P 5

5 Your creations are protected for you because the Holy Spirit Who is in your mind, knows of them and can bring them into your awareness whenever you will let Him. They are there as part of your own being, because your fulfilment includes them. The creations of every Son of God are yours, since every creation belongs to everyone, being created for the Sonship as a whole.


My creations are protected for me and always will be. They are part of my being, just as I am part of God’s Being. Every creation of every Son of God is mine as well because they were created for the Sonship as a whole. This is fairly amazing for me to even think of, but I can accept it as being part of the Self I don’t fully remember yet. I am most certainly the Son of God. I am whole and perfect and like my Father.

I accept all of this as being true even though I am not having the full experience of it yet, and I accept that someday I will not just believe it is true, but I will know it is true. I accept that I will feel like the Son of God when the ego is fully undone. All of this seems like something that is going to happen in the future. Even though I am told that it is happening right now, it feels like something that is coming but is not here yet.

The part that just blows me away is that the Holy Spirit knows of them and can bring them into my awareness whenever I will let Him. Whenever I will let him! Holy Spirit, I just don’t know what to think about this. Can this mean that You can do this for me right now? Can I know of my creations simply because I want to? Do I have to be fully and permanently awake for this to happen?

What has happened as I write this is that I feel afraid. I am afraid that nothing will happen if I say yes, and maybe it is better to not know for certain that the answer is no. Truthfully, I don’t believe anything will happen which probably guarantees nothing will happen. If nothing happens then does that mean the truth is not true, or as I suspect, that I am unworthy of the truth?

Well, I see the fear and the doubt and I know that is the ego. I am not the ego and I want to know what it feels like to remember my creations. I want that awareness in my mind. “Holy Spirit, thank You for helping me to see this fear in my mind. I do want this, and I ask You to heal the part of my mind that is uncertain and afraid.”

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