C 7: IX: The Extension of the Kingdom, A final thought

IX: The Extension of the Kingdom, A final thought

Reading this section of the Text has shifted me to another place in my mind. I have heard the ego voice this morning as it warned me to hurry or I would be late, but there is a calmness in my mind that answers this warning. How can I have anything to fear? I am the Son of God. I am under no laws but God’s. What is time to me?

What has Jesus told us that has made such a difference to me. Let me review this. He has said that only I can limit my creative power, but God wills to release it. I limit my power when I think it is bound by the ego laws I set up to make a separation story. God would have that power released so that I create as He creates.

Even here, in this world of illusion, I am free to use my creative power with wild abandon! I can make a happy world instead of an ego limited world of suffering. He does not will that this be possible only when I am a better ego. He wills this for me now because He knows me as perfect and worthy in this moment. God would deny me nothing.

Jesus says that everything He created is given all His power. This means that I have been given all the power that is God. That is why I can make a happy dream as easily as I can make a painful dream. He gave me that power in my creation and that power remains as it was given, so it is available to me now. The power of God is in me because I am in God.

As I accept that all of this is true for all of my brothers as well, I can begin to use the power in the way God wills me to use it. It is only my desire that I be special that clouds my mind. This is why I deny every guilt thought that enters my mind. No matter what I perceive in my brother, I know he is not guilty. I cannot afford the sacrifice of seeing him as guilty because to do so is to deny the Kingdom to all of us.

Jesus says that the ego’s whole thought system blocks extension, and thus blocks my only function. I want to undo the ego so that my function can be fulfilled because I understand that fulfilling my function is my happiness. It is the way I know my Self and remember my creations and open my mind to full communication with my Creator. This is what I long for. So my prayer is always that the Holy Spirit heal my mind and undo what I have done.

Jesus says that a split mind cannot perceive its fullness, and needs the miracle of its wholeness to dawn upon it and heal it. My mind is split as long as I still value any part of the idea of separation. I willingly relinquish the self image I have made. I willingly relinquish the desire to be special. I relinquish the idea that I am separate from my brothers and from God.

I enthusiastically relinquish the belief in guilt, in pain, in suffering, and in the ridiculous notion of death. I relinquish the idea that I am something, anything, that God did not create. I see all these ego beliefs as nonsense and I see them as the source of all suffering.

“Holy Spirit, I open my heart and mind to You. Please correct my wrong-minded thinking and bring me back to sanity and to the Kingdom where I belong.”

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