C 7: IV. Healing as the Recognition of Truth, P 1

IV. Healing as the Recognition of Truth, P 1

1 Truth can only be recognized and need only be recognized. Inspiration is of the Holy Spirit, and certainty is of God according to His laws. Both, therefore, come from the same Source, since inspiration comes from the Voice for God and certainty comes from the laws of God. Healing does not come directly from God, Who knows His creations as perfectly whole. Yet healing is still of God, because it proceeds from His Voice and from His laws. It is their result, in a state of mind that does not know Him. The state is unknown to Him and therefore does not exist, but those who sleep are unaware. Because they are unaware, they do not know.


Well this is certainly good news. Basically, Jesus is telling us that nothing is wrong. The problem is, we are unaware that nothing is wrong, and so we still act as if it is wrong. We are in God, a part of Him, and so what we think of as our life could never be happening in truth, only in dreams. We can imagine a life of pain and suffering, but can pain and suffering be in God? Of course not. So it cannot be happening to us because we are in God.

When we began to imagine life outside reality, God placed the Truth in our mind so that we could not become lost in our dreams. Now that we are ready to wake up from the dream of separation, the Truth (Holy Spirit) has been activated. We wake up because we want to wake up, and the Holy Spirit is our Guide through the process of waking.

Exactly how this happens varies with each of us. The Holy Spirit knows the path our soul is to take and arranges each moment of our lives according to that path and in perfect timing. We really don’t have to worry about any of that. We need only notice what is happening in our lives and our minds with a desire to become aware of our true selves. The healing is done of God through His Voice.

This is very exciting, isn’t it? If we thought it would be interesting to experience an illusory existence, it is even more thrilling to watch the Truth unfold as we return our awareness to God.

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