C 6: IV. The Only Answer, P 3

IV. The Only Answer, P 3

3 You cannot understand the conflict until you fully understand the basic fact that the ego cannot know anything. The Holy Spirit does not speak first, but He always answers. Everyone has called upon Him for help at one time or another and in one way or another, and has been answered. Since the Holy Spirit answers truly He answers for all time, which means that everyone has the answer now.


Everyone has the answer now. This understanding is changing everything for me. I don’t have to strive for the answer because I have it. I don’t have to hope for or long for the answer. I don’t have to worry that I will never have the answer. I have it now. I have it now because the answer is in my mind. There is really only one question and one answer and the answer is available to me.

I know who I am. I know who I am because the answer is in my mind. “I know who I am” is the reminder to me that I really do know. I have this self imposed amnesia-thing going on, but nothing is lost. As I let go of the many ego definitions of “me” that the ego has provided, the only thing that will be left is my Self, the answer to the question, “Who am I?”

I have asked another question. What is guilt? I have been told that guilt is nothing. It is a mental construct designed by the ego mind to keep me away from the previous answer. Jesus tells us this in Chapter 14, Section IV. “Unless you are guiltless you cannot know God, Whose Will is that you know Him. Therefore, you must be guiltless.” Guilt is not God’s Will so it cannot exist.

The logic in that is so flawless that I am amazed I have continued to hold onto the idea of guilt for as long as I have. Jesus offered me the opportunity to let go of the idea of guilt once and for all and I accepted. I asked about guilt and was given the answer that guilt is nothing and now I am withdrawing my belief in guilt as it comes into my mind.

At first it gave me a headache as a war was being waged in my mind. The part of my mind the ego inhabits wants to keep guilt because it finds it very valuable at times and because guilt keeps me fully engaged in the ego. The part of my mind that Holy Spirit inhabits doesn’t believe in guilt and so does not see it. There was conflict, a war of sorts, as I looked back and forth, first to one teacher and then to the Teacher. Ouch.

The ego tried everything in it’s bag of tricks to keep my attention. It pointed out that I have never completely given up anything I have made. I gave up the belief in pain… sometimes. I gave up grievances … sometimes. The ego said I could not ever give up guilt altogether. I wasn’t ready. I needed to practice more, to keep working on little guilty thoughts, giving them up one at a time. It asked me who I think I am to make such a sweeping declaration and reminded me how foolish I would look when I failed, and that failure was inevitable.

But I asked the question and I received the answer. Guilt is not God’s Will so it cannot exist. Every time I had a thought that pointed in any small or large way to guilt, I remembered the answer. For instance, I texted my grandson and asked him for directions to the party we were both attending. He texted back the name of the park. Well, I already knew that. I was annoyed that he wasn’t more helpful. Because I made a decision to let go of belief in guilt, I recognized this thought for what it was. Could my grandson be guilty? How could he? Guilt is not the Will of God.

This morning I thought about my son’s upcoming surgery. He is getting a disc fusion on the 23rd. I don’t want another headache so I let the thought complete itself. I felt fearful and I followed the fear. The fear led to anger, which inevitably led to guilt. My son is not guilty for hurting his back, even after I warned him to be careful. How could he be guilty? There is no guilt. If there is no guilt in God, there is no guilt.

I am not guilty for failing to heal him. I was surprised to find that one still hanging around. The ego says that if my mind were really healed, I would be able to perform this miracle and my son would be healed. The inference being that I am guilty he has to go through this surgery because I have failed to heal him. I notice that this ego strategy is working to pull me back into the belief in guilt. I feel the deep emotion that this thought triggers.

But this cannot be true. If it is not God’s Will that I be guilty, then I cannot be guilty. I cannot undo God with my guilt. I can only pretend to be guilty. Why do I want to pretend to be guilty? It is very painful. It is hard to let it go, though, so I do my part. I give all the willingness I have toward letting it go. I do not want to pick up guilt for this one thing, because the truth is true all the time or it is not true at all. I give my willingness, and I ask the Holy Spirit to heal my mind.

I know that the answer to my question about guilt is in my mind. As I notice these beliefs in guilt and let them go, I uncover that answer. There is only God in my mind and God is Love, not guilt.

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