C 6: IV. The Only Answer, P 10

IV. The Only Answer, P 10

10 You are in an impossible situation only because you think it is possible to be in one. You would be in an impossible situation if God showed you your perfection, and proved to you that you were wrong. This would demonstrate that the perfect are inadequate to bring themselves to an awareness of their perfection, and thus side with the belief that those who have everything need help and are therefore helpless. This is the kind of “reasoning” in which the ego engages. God, Who knows that His creations are perfect, does not affront them. This would be as impossible as the ego’s notion that it has affronted Him.


God created me perfect and He does not doubt Himself, so He does not doubt me. He trusts me to bring myself to an awareness of my perfection and His trust is perfect. I doubt myself but I trust God, so I too trust that I will wake up. I will wake myself up. I have all the help I need. As Jesus said in the previous paragraph, I have a Guide and a model.

Now he tells me that I am perfect and can bring myself to that awareness. And that is all that happens when I wake up. I shift my awareness from the illusion to the truth, to my perfect wholeness. The Holy Spirit can guide me and comfort me, but He cannot wake me up, only I can do that.

Yesterday I was watching a video by John Mark Stroud. He described our situation like this. He said that we sit in a closet with the lock and key on our side. It is up to us to unlock the door and come out. That visual made a real impact on me and I see that this is what Jesus is telling me now.

The Holy Spirit can’t get me out of the closet because the key is on my side of the door. The Holy Spirit can help me to see that this is true. He can heal my mind, but only if I ask and really want Him to. I am the one with the key. Jesus found the lock and then found the key. He let himself out and because we are of one mind, he did this for all of us. He is now waiting for us to follow suit and is being as helpful as we will allow. He is our model, but he is not our rescuer either. God will not yank me out of the closet, nor will He rescue me. He knows I don’t need to be rescued. He knows I can and will rescue myself.

Jesus ends the paragraph with a zinger. He tells us that God does not affront His creations and that would be as impossible as the ego’s notion it has affronted Him. Thanks, Jesus, for the reminder that in making the ego we have not really affronted God and so we have nothing to be guilty for and no reason to stay hidden in our little closet. It is safe to come out.

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