C 6: IV. The only Answer, P 7

IV. The only Answer, P 7

7 In the Kingdom, where you are and what you are is perfectly certain. There is no doubt, because the first question was never asked. Having finally been wholly answered, it has never been. Being alone lives in the Kingdom, where everything lives in God without question. The time spent on questioning in the dream has given way to creation and to its eternity. You are as certain as God because you are as true as He is, but what was once certain in your mind has become only the ability for certainty.


I long for the certainty that Jesus speaks of here. I am sure that I thought it would be interesting to make an illusory experience where there were questions to be asked and the answers were changeable. This illusion is the answer to the question, “What would it be like?” We asked and because of who we are as God’s Children, the answer unfolded. It has been answered, and now it is time to awaken from that dream of uncertainty.

What is it like to simply be? No questions, no doubts, nothing to fear. I had to forget that existence as a necessary part of experiencing its opposite. I am done. I am ready to return all of my mind, to certainty, to eternity, to God. What does it take to return? I must want it wholly, without exception. This business of watching my thoughts and asking for healing of all that is not truth is my way of reaching the desire for God that is in my mind. I am looking at what I chose instead of God, and deciding against it.

Once the question is answered and I return my full awareness to God, there will not be even a memory of anything other than God. God is whole, complete and without doubt or question. So once answered, the question no longer exists. I will return to perfect peace, to creation. Now interestingly enough, I have already done this. I am in God. Right now. I am creating in eternity, right now. That is why we call this experience an illusion or a dream. It is not actually happening. We are simply watching what happened when the answer to our question unfolded.

Are you tired of the dream? Are you ready to wake up? I am. The ego, the device I made to have this experience doesn’t want to awaken and clings to its sad and scary stories as if they mattered and as if they were valuable. But I am not the ego, but the maker of the ego and the ego does not rule my mind unless I choose that. I, the self that I truly am, have been uncovered to the degree that I am now aware of my desire to return fully to my Home and my Father. I know how to do it and I am taking those steps. Thank you, God, that my foray into illusion has changed nothing.

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