ACIM Daily Lesson: Text C 6. III. The Relinquishment of Attack, P 2

III. The Relinquishment of Attack, P 2

2 That is why you must teach only one lesson. If you are to be conflict-free yourself, you must learn only from the Holy Spirit and teach only by Him. You are only love, but when you deny this, you make what you are something you must learn to remember. I said before that the message of the crucifixion was, “Teach only love, for that is what you are.” This is the one lesson that is perfectly unified, because it is the only lesson that is one. Only by teaching it can you learn it. “As you teach so will you learn.” If that is true, and it is true indeed, do not forget that what you teach is teaching you. And what you project or extend you believe.


The reason Jesus reminds us to teach only love is because in teaching only love we teach what we are. This is important because we have denied our Self and must therefore re-learn what we are. In the world we go to an expert to learn what we don’t know. We go to a teacher on the subject, or a book explaining it, or dig out the instruction manual.

To remember who we are in reality, we turn to the only teacher that remembers, the Holy Spirit. We read books that awaken the truth we have hidden from ourselves. We dig out an instruction manual such as A Course in Miracles. We follow the directions and the mind will begin to awaken. We teach what we are learning to remember and the memory becomes stronger and clearer.

This would be a short and to the point course if we paid attention only to that. What seems to happen, though, is that we experience some resistance to waking up and that resistance sidetracks us. We learn what we teach and that can serve our awakening, but if we teach separation, we reinforce that, instead.

It can be frustrating when I slip back into ego, but it is understandable. Here is an experience I have had and maybe you, too, have had a similar experience. Someone is introduced to me and I hear his name wrong. “Hi, Myron. Let me introduce my friend, Saul.” My ears hear the name Saul, but my mind makes an automatic connection to Paul because of the Bible story from my youth. In my mind his name becomes Paul. Now maybe I will be corrected soon, but the idea is stuck in my mind and so I keep thinking of him and calling him Saul until I deliberately replace the name Saul with Paul and relearn his name.

This is what happens with the separation idea. I have listened to the ego for many years because I believed it was me, and I believed what it had to say to me. Even though the Holy Spirit has corrected me, and I know that I am not the ego and I know the ego does not actually exist, I have a very long standing false assumption that does not go away without the effort of deliberately replacing the old story with the truth.

The most efficient and fastest way to re-learn what I already know is to stick to the teacher that knows, asking for help and correction, listening to only that teacher. As I learn from the Holy Spirit, I teach what I am learning to reinforce it and to encourage that belief in others, which reinforces the truth within the mind and makes my awakening easier. The more I stick with the plan the more smoothly the awakening unfolds.

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