C 5: IV. Teaching and Healing, P 3

IV. Teaching and Healing, P 3

3 Every loving thought held in any part of the Sonship belongs to every part. It is shared because it is loving. Sharing is God’s way of creating, and also yours. The ego can keep you in exile from the Kingdom, but in the Kingdom itself it has no power. Ideas of the spirit do not leave the mind that thinks them, nor can they conflict with each other. However, ideas of the ego can conflict because they occur at different levels and also include opposite thoughts at the same level. It is impossible to share opposing thoughts. You can share only the thoughts that are of God and that He keeps for you. And of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. The rest remains with you until the Holy Spirit has reinterpreted them in the light of the Kingdom, making them, too, worthy of being shared. When they have been sufficiently purified He lets you give them away. The decision to share them is their purification.


Sharing is creating. This is an idea so different than anything we understand of creation here that it is hard to hold onto. Well, it is not just creation that we misunderstand, but sharing as well. And our misunderstanding of sharing and creating makes it impossible to see the connection between the two.

Here, sharing is a sacrifice. I share my desert with you and I have less desert for me. But if I like you enough, I make that sacrifice. And nothing is created in that scenario. In fact there is loss. In sharing, I lost some of my desert and the end result is that in eating and enjoying it, the desert is lost all together. Where is the creation?

Sharing is creating. In the real world, everything is a symbol of an idea. Ideas leave not their source and so sharing them does not diminish them. I can give a thought away and it is still right there in my mind. In fact, if it is accepted when I give it away, it becomes stronger in my mind. So if I understand and accept that deserts are symbols of an idea in my mind, I could never believe that sharing them would cause loss. The idea would simply renew itself and I would have another desert. The only thing that keeps this from happening right now is that I don’t fully accept that the world I see is just a symbol of the thoughts in my mind.

God created me by sharing Himself. He did not diminish Himself in the process. I share myself with others. When I am thinking from my right mind, I feel renewed and elevated through this sharing. I only gain from the experience. But when I am thinking with my wrong mind, I feel tired and imposed upon. I feel that in this sharing I have lost my time and my energy.

When I see the effects of this false sharing, I know that I am trying to share through ego and this is not real sharing. I give my thoughts to the Holy Spirit and I ask Him to purify them because I have become confused. Because I want to share my thoughts, really share, not this egocentric “giving,” my desire allows the Holy Spirit to purify my thoughts and I return to true sharing/creating.

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