C 5: III. The Guide to Salvation, P 9

III. The Guide to Salvation, P 9

9 Perception derives meaning from relationships. Those you accept are the foundations of your beliefs. The separation is merely another term for a split mind. The ego is the symbol of separation, just as the Holy Spirit is the symbol of peace. What you perceive in others you are strengthening in yourself. You may let your mind misperceive, but the Holy Spirit lets your mind reinterpret its own misperceptions.


I noticed that the Holy Spirit is explained here in a slightly different way. The Holy Spirit is the symbol of peace in my mind. It allows my mind to reinterpret its own misconceptions. This is not the thinking mind, which is where the ego hangs out; not that constant barrage of mental gibberish. This mind that Jesus speaks of is our shared mind, the part of the mind that sleeps and is awakening.

Using the Holy Spirit in the mind, we, the sleeping Son of God, reinterprets our garbled perceptions. So when I ask the Holy Spirit to interpret or purify my thoughts, I am really choosing to use the right mind to do this for me. In doing so I am choosing God over ego.

When I see someone else and have a judgment about them, I am misperceiving. I am asking the ego, the symbol of separation, to interpret my perceptions. When the judgment is out of alignment with the truth, I see my mistake and I can choose to interpret through the Holy Spirit. How I see my brothers is a direct reflection of the beliefs I hold in my mind. How I see my brothers has nothing to do with reality and nothing to do with them.

I am not trying to see my brothers differently. What I am actually doing is noticing how I see them and then making a different choice of interpreters where I see it is needed. As I allow that to happen, I will see light in my brothers and will be reminded of the light in me. These relationships, all of them without exception, are my way home. They mirror my mind for me so that I can be clearly aware of the need for correction.

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