C 5: III. The Guide to Salvation, P 7

III. The Guide to Salvation, P 7

7 The Holy Spirit is the Mediator between the interpretations of the ego and the knowledge of the spirit. His ability to deal with symbols enables Him to work with the ego’s beliefs in its own language. His ability to look beyond symbols into eternity enables Him to understand the laws of God, for which He speaks. He can therefore perform the function of reinterpreting what the ego makes, not by destruction but by understanding. Understanding is light, and light leads to knowledge. The Holy Spirit is in light because He is in you who are light, but you yourself do not know this. It is therefore the task of the Holy Spirit to reinterpret you on behalf of God.


I feel such a sense of relief when I read that the Holy Spirit is going to reinterpret me on behalf of God. I have peeked behind the veil just a little, but enough to know that this side of the veil is not my reality, and I want to know my reality. I want to walk through the veil and stay there. I also know that on this side of the veil, mind is cloudy and confused, so confused that it is convinced that this side of the veil is reality. Well, not so much anymore. I have lost the conviction that ego land is home, but still it is so easy to fall back into confusion.

Yesterday I was so confused that for awhile I believed that being right was my salvation. I caught it right away, but then I would do it again. It was like I was a puppet, my strings being manipulated by an evil puppeteer. But the truth is, I a control the puppeteer. I decide what I believe and what I believe determines my experience. At least I did see what was happening and did decide to stop eventually.

Today, I regret that yesterday I missed the opportunity to be a teacher of God in a disturbing situation. But I also see that it was ego trying to reassert itself, and more than ever I truly want my perceptions to be corrected and my mind healed of ego desires. And while I do regret the lost opportunity from yesterday, I am still joyful today because I realize that my error changes nothing. I am innocent. I am also joyful.

This is so different than it would have been just a short time ago. In the past, I would have been depressed about the whole thing and deeply discouraged. I would have listened to the ego and believed its judgment that I am a hopeless cause. Now I just chuckle at the idea. I really am being reinterpreted by the Holy Spirit on behalf of God.

Thank you, God. I love you, God.

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