C 5: I. The Invitation to the Holy Spirit, P 7

I. The Invitation to the Holy Spirit, P 7

7. The Holy Spirit, the shared Inspiration of all the Sonship, induces a kind of perception in which many elements are like those in the Kingdom of Heaven itself:

      First, its universality is perfectly clear, and no one who attains it could believe for one instant that sharing it involves anything but gain.
      Second, it is incapable of attack and is therefore truly open. This means that although it does not engender knowledge, it does not obstruct it in any way.
      Finally, it points the way beyond the healing that it brings, and leads the mind beyond its own integration toward the paths of creation. It is at this point that sufficient quantitative change occurs to produce a real qualitative shift.


The Holy Spirit corrects my perception so that it is as close to knowledge as we can get here, and my perception becomes universal. I notice that I am slowly letting go of the idea of specialness and am beginning to see everyone as the same. I remember being freaked out as I sat on the bridge waiting for a wreck to be cleared. This is an older bridge and is considered by many not to be safe. In the opposite lane traffic continued slowly and lots of big trucks went by making the bridge shake.

I was nervous about being stuck on this bridge and when the traffic started moving, I felt tense as I neared the top and then felt relief as I got closer to the bottom. Suddenly I had the thought, “What about all the people behind me? Would a failed bridge be disastrous only if I were on it, or more disastrous if I was on it?” It was one of the first moments of perceiving more universally, or rather of glimpsing a more universal way of perceiving.

It happened other times after that. For instance, I would hear a siren in the night and automatically take roll call for my children. Where were they? Could the siren be for them? And then feeling relief and then disinterest as I realized my kids were all safe at home. And one day when this was happening I had the thought that everyone is some mother’s child, and I understood that there was a way of perceiving that is not special. I still sometimes count my children when I hear a siren, but the Holy Spirit is beginning to make some headway with me as I let go of the idea of specialness.

I began by caring most for “me” this body of Myron. My care expanded to include my family, then a husband, and when children came along, my care centered on them above all others. What has happened as my mind heals is that my care is less discriminating. I find that when someone I have not met comes into my awareness I can care as deeply for that person as for someone I feel close to. This is not complete for me, but as my perception is corrected my care grows to encompass all and it is beginning to feel strange to think of anyone as more special than another.

There is enough of a healing of the mind for me to understand that love cannot be diluted through giving it. I cannot give love away in the sense of not having it, as would happen if I gave away a thing. My care does not lose value because it extends to everyone in my awareness. I don’t love my children less because I love your children.

I think that in the past I must have been thinking that there is only so much safety and love to go around and so if there was danger I had to put all my hopes and wishes toward the few people who mattered to me and to do less would leave them vulnerable to attack. For that reason I couldn’t afford to care about someone else’s child, or at least not about everyone’s child. This seems so weird to me now that I wonder if that was really the way I thought, but I think it was.

Is my perception now truly open and incapable attack? No, but it is closer to that. I am still capable of attack. I attack myself when I feel guilty and attack others when I assign guilt. I cannot be open if I am defensive. I am so much more open than I used to be and I attack less and when I do, I see my error and ask for correction. I look forward to the day when I am truly incapable of attack.

I can now imagine that happening and that is exciting for me. I notice that now when I have an attack thought I remember that I cannot attack my brother and enter into the presence of God. This motivates me to allow my perception to be further corrected. Letting go of the belief that I must attack and defend is the way the blocks to Loves presence are removed.

As I allow my mind to be healed in many little ways, I begin to experience a different life. I am happier and more peaceful. At first it was slow going as I became convinced that it was ok to give up the old way of thinking and then I realized it was more than ok, it was actually to my advantage. Eventually what has happened is that I care less about what is to “my” advantage and instead I began thinking in terms of the Sonship. Is this going to advance us or hinder us, will it help awaken the Sonship or add to Its illusion? When that happened I realized I had made a significant shift in my perception.

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