C 5: I. The Invitation to the Holy Spirit, P 6

I. The Invitation to the Holy Spirit, P 6

6 God honored even the miscreations of His children because they had made them. But He also blessed His children with a way of thinking that could raise their perceptions so high they could reach almost back to Him. The Holy Spirit is the Mind of the Atonement. He represents a state of mind close enough to One-mindedness that transfer to it is at last possible. Perception is not knowledge, but it can be transferred to knowledge, or cross over into it. It might even be more helpful here to use the literal meaning of transferred or “carried over,” since the last step is taken by God.


In order to help us accept the Atonement, Jesus spends a lot of the Course describing the ego. He explains it in detail, what it is, how we recognize it, the behavior that we can expect when we identify with the ego. He then contrasts this with life lived from a healed mind. The goal is to help us see that we don’t want to continue to live through the ego and that we do want to let it go.

While in this phase I began to think of the ego as something bad and something I really needed to dump. Over time my attitude changed. I began to look at the ego differently. Instead of seeing it as a terrible mistake I made and desperately needed to undo, I saw it as an idea gone askew. I had a thought, the thought played out and then I stopped thinking it. Except for the part of the mind that is still reviewing the thought, and this is where my awareness seems to be right now.

Because of my nature as the Son of God, the thought I had, while impossible, played out in all its detail as if it were really happening, and it seemed very realistic, like a finely crafted movie. It is a testimony to my power as God’s Son that this could happen. The error, the place it all went wrong, is that I began to take it seriously. I felt guilt and fear that I had actually done something wrong and I hid myself from my Father within my miscreation. The idea itself, the unfolding of that idea was not a sin. It was not inherently evil or wrong. In fact, Jesus says that God honored my miscreation simply because it was mine.

The shift for me is that I am letting go of the shame that was the original error. I am learning to honor my own miscreation. I don’t want to continue identifying with it as if it is myself, but I see that it is important that I understand I am not guilty for it. It is actually quite a remarkable feat. I have made something impossible and made it so well that I got lost in it.

God would never limit me in any way because limitation is not part of His nature. But in His love for me, He placed in my mind a way out of this miscreation. He brought into being the Holy Spirit, the memory of God and His Voice that speaks to me all through the day. It is His function to direct me out of the illusion and back to my real life when I was ready.

So the Holy Spirit is helping me to see the ego thinking in my mind, recognize it as something I am no longer interested in and allow it to be undone for me, not because it is a sin, but because I am through with it. The only way to have my illusion was to substitute perception for knowledge, so now the Holy Spirit is inspiring my perceptions so that they are very near knowledge, near enough that Knowledge Itself can flow into my mind. Perception will be transferred into knowledge, or as Jesus refers to it, God will take the final step and lift me up to Him.

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