C 4: VII. Creation and Communication, P 5

VII. Creation and Communication, P 5

5 God, Who encompasses all being, created beings who have everything individually, but who want to share it to increase their joy. Nothing real can be increased except by sharing. That is why God created you. Divine Abstraction takes joy in sharing. That is what creation means. “How,” “what” and “to whom” are irrelevant, because real creation gives everything, since it can create only like itself. Remember that in the Kingdom there is no difference between having and being, as there is in existence. In the state of being the mind gives everything always.


This is not a very long paragraph, but several things hit the radar for me. God as Divine Abstraction is the first thing I noticed, probably because yesterday I was wondering what God is. I know He is not a body or a man but I don’t really have another category. Thing or It doesn’t feel right either. Father, Creator, these are just titles given to help my comfort level. I cannot define God; only label Him. I cannot understand God from this place I find myself, and maybe I cannot understand Him ever.

I can associate God with certain attributes. He created me like Himself through extension of Himself, thus I understand Him to be generous and loving and giving. From A Course in Miracles and from the answering response in my heart, I attribute God with kindness, gentleness and strength. And as I write this I realize it would be truer perhaps to say He is not kind and gentle and strong, but He is Kindness and Gentleness and Strength itself and thus so am I, having been made in His likeness.

As I am created like God, everything I exhibit that is unlike God cannot be true. It can only be errant thought taking shape through the power that is mine, through a mighty will that is mine, but that has been distorted. Not creation, but a pale shadow of creation, a child’s game of make believe. Because of who I am, because of Who my Creator is, my play is not without effects but it is limited to play.

Another thing which jumped out at me is that we, as we were created, are beings and we are individuals, and yet we are encompassed by God. In other places in the Course we learn that we are one mind and that we are one with God. We are not separate which is the whole point of the Course. So how can there be one of us and yet be more than one. The more I learn the more I realize how little I know. Sometimes in my ignorance I will think and even write so as to indicate I know something. This is hilarious and I invite you to laugh with me when you notice I do this.

I wonder if I can ever understand the nature of God, and the nature of creation, but perhaps that is because I am stuck, temporarily, in this dense state, with at least partial amnesia. Perhaps all will become clear as I awaken. Right now I am reminded of Star Trek and the Borg. They were many individuals but they operated from a single mind. In the story they were not the good guys, but isn’t that typical ego, to imitate reality and then distort it to something reality could never be.

The most important thing I see in this paragraph is that God, Reality, Oneness, is Divine Abstraction. God gives. There is nothing He does not give and give completely, holding nothing back. In creation there is no separation. There is no singling out, no giving to one and not another. He does not give at certain times and withhold at others. God simply gives and this giving creates more of Itself. Later the Course will tell us that to have, give all to all. Be as God. Create as God.

I will be honest; I cannot imagine this. I can understand it in my head, but I cannot see myself being divinely abstract. I cannot see myself giving all to all. I label everything. I categorize it according to importance to me. I can’t even make up my mind what remains in which category. It can change day to day or moment to moment. I give only reluctantly. I give money and compared to what I used to do, I am very generous. Compared to some others I am absolutely miserly. But when I give, I choose carefully where the gift goes. I categorize and judge and decide who is worthy of my gift. And who is not.

Money is just a symbol, but this applies to everything. I give my love only after considering if the recipient is worthy. I have, over the years as I studied the Course and allowed my mind to be healed, greatly enlarged the circle of worthy people, but I still give only to some and withhold from others. I hate to write that. I hate to see it in myself, but I know that it is true for me right now. I am willing that it not be true.

You know, maybe I do have a clue what it means to be divinely abstract. I am moving, albeit slowly, in that direction as I become more and more willing to have all obstacles to Love removed from my mind. This is, after all, the miracle, the point of all my study and practice of the Course. I forgive and thus the ego is undone in my mind and I am left with only the truth of my being. Since I am an extension of my Creator Who is Divine Abstraction, I must be that too, so how can it be a mystery to me? How can my nature be unknown to me? I must know.
“God, please reveal my Self to me.”

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