C 4: VII. Creation and Communication, P 1

VII. Creation and Communication, P 1

1 It is clear that while the content of any particular ego illusion does not matter, its correction is more helpful in a specific context. Ego illusions are quite specific, although the mind is naturally abstract. Part of the mind becomes concrete, however, when it splits. The concrete part believes in the ego, because the ego depends on the concrete. The ego is the part of the mind that believes your existence is defined by separation.


Here is how I understand this. I notice that I am worried about losing a customer. It doesn’t actually matter if I lose this customer because the whole situation, Myron, the customer, the company I work for, the money I hoped to make from this sale, the world this story is taking place in, all of this is an illusion. How could it be important what the outcome is?

However, the situation is useful. The part of my mind that has become concrete, the part of my mind that believes my life is defined by the separation which is made up of specific and separate instances, will learn more readily if I see the correction as specific. When someone presents a new idea, I will often ask for an example, because I will understand it better if I can see how it is used. This is why the situation involving the customer is useful.

I can see in this situation that I still hold onto the idea of lack and loss, and this gives me another opportunity to allow this belief to be corrected. As I look at my fear I see that it stems from the idea that if I lose this customer I will lose money which I feel I need, and certainly in this illusion I do need money. This shows me I believe in both lack (I could lack what I need) and loss (even if I have it I can lose it) and therefore I have every reason to be afraid even when things are going well.

My fear shows me that if I lose this customer I could lose my standing in the eyes of my boss. This could cause me to lose not just the commission from that sale, but lose the confidence my company has in me, which could cost me my job and therefore my entire income. Lack and loss. My fear shows me that losing this customer will affect my self-worth so I evidently believe I am defined by what I do. Lack, loss and the belief that my behavior defines me.

So this specific situation reveals to me the beliefs in my mind that are keeping me tied to the ego self. I am afraid, and because I identify with the ego mind I turn to the ego for protection. The ego says it will protect me through my fear. If I am afraid of losing everything then I will be careful with my customers and try to do everything right.

When I think I should ask that my mind be healed so that I am not living in fear the ego warns that fear is the only thing protecting me from lack and loss. This is the ego trap, but the Holy Spirit is the way out of this trap. All that is required is trust. I trust that I will be healed and that healing is a good thing. I accept the Atonement in this situation (the undoing of the ego in this situation) and allow my mind to be healed. I feel light and free and happy.

The more often I do this, the less likely I am to doubt the outcome and so I am motivated to continue the work until the job is done and the lesson is generalized. Then I won’t need specific instances. Each time the thought of lack and loss appear in the mind, I will have no attachment to it and it will just go back to where it came from.

This is funny when you think about it. The ego mind thinks I am this body and this life is all I have. Actually, it is only a series of specific examples of what it is like to believe in separation. If I believe the ego, that is identify with that concrete part of the mind that believes in separation, I will live this dream as if it is actually life and I will suffer. If I use this dream to recognize the ego beliefs so that I can ask the Holy Spirit to undo what I have done, I will wake up from the illusion and begin to live.

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