C 4: VI. The Rewards of God, P 8

VI. The Rewards of God, P 8

8 As you come closer to a brother you approach me, and as you withdraw from him I become distant to you. Salvation is a collaborative venture. It cannot be undertaken successfully by those who disengage themselves from the Sonship, because they are disengaging themselves from me. God will come to you only as you will give Him to your brothers. Learn first of them and you will be ready to hear God. That is because the function of love is one.


Once again Jesus is reminding me that the way to God is through my brother. Yesterday I committed to not missing an opportunity to appreciate my brother. I was only partly successful at doing this, but I was successful in noticing when I failed to do so. I was aware that I would get caught up in my own story and when that happened I tended to look through others rather than to really see them.

I noticed that the ego mind judges automatically and if I wasn’t being aware, I simply went along with that. Thinking back on the day, I remember several times when someone at work would say something friendly or help me with something, or smile at me, and in my hurry to finish my work, I didn’t take a second to feel gratitude, and to enjoy these small but perfect expressions of love.

On the other hand, my intention to see past our stories to the oneness that continues to exist even while I ignore it was successful in an overall way. When other people around me expressed frustration I had no trouble being the calm presence. When one person shared their story of sickness with me, I started to give the old “Hmm, sorry to hear that,” and then go back to work, but instead I paused and gave him my attention, really hearing him. I remembered that it was not God’s Will that he suffer and so his condition could not be real. I said something potentially helpful, but more importantly, I extended love and remembered the truth in spite of appearances.

Today, I choose to make that commitment again. I commit to moving closer to my brother in whatever way presents itself. Maybe I will feel attacked by someone’s words, and choose to open my heart to hear differently. Maybe I will think my brother is wrong, and I will remember to listen, instead, for the truth in his words. Today I will not wrap myself up in my story and use it to insulate myself from others. I will open my mind and my heart to those around me. I will engage the Sonship fully. And today I will remain cognizant that, as I come closer to a brother I will approach Jesus, and as I withdraw from him I will become distant to him. Salvation is a collaborative venture.

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