C 4: IV. This Need Not Be, P 1

IV. This Need Not Be, P 1

1 If you cannot hear the Voice for God, it is because you do not choose to listen. That you do listen to the voice of your ego is demonstrated by your attitudes, your feelings and your behavior. Yet this is what you want. This is what you are fighting to keep, and what you are vigilant to save. Your mind is filled with schemes to save the face of your ego, and you do not seek the face of Christ. The glass in which the ego seeks to see its face is dark indeed. How can it maintain the trick of its existence except with mirrors? But where you look to find yourself is up to you.


Where do I look to find myself? There are only two places to look. I look to ego or I look to Spirit. How do I know where I have looked? My life shows me proof of where I looked. Everything in my life is a testament to the voice I listen to. Some days I am at peace with everything no matter what is going on. Some days I feel joy bubble up through me and into my world no matter what is happening around me. Those are the days (sometimes the moments) that I am listening to the Voice for God.

Other times I am afraid or angry, guilty and fearful. Some days I spend finding fault and someone to blame. Some days I seem to manufacture problems out of thin air where only moments before there was nothing to be concerned about. Sometimes I laugh at my problems and accept the Holy Spirit’s help without hesitation, but sometimes I cling to them and cherish them and share them with anyone who will listen. These are the times I am listening to the ego voice.

There are no other voices to hear, no other places to look to find myself. Just these two. So it is simple to know how I got to this place of happiness and peace, and just as simple to know how I got to the dark place of pain, suffering, and death. When I am holding a grievance or making a judgment I don’t tell myself that I am choosing death, but that is what I am doing. There is no compromise in that. Every hateful thought is a choice for death. Every fearful and guilty thought is a choice for death.

We did not come here to learn about death. We already know about death. We came here to learn to live! We can’t live if we are continually choosing death. This experience we are having and that we call life is just a dream of life, not the real thing. I wonder if it even has anything at all in common with Life. The way out of this dream seems to be to back out of it the way we came into it.

Each time I notice a thought that stems from an ego belief, I become willing to be corrected. I accept the Atonement for that belief. See, I am stepping backward, undoing the ego as I go. I am guided through this process by the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God. He directs my steps, strengthens and comforts me. He speaks to me all through the day. Am I listening? I can only hear one voice at a time. In each moment I choose the voice I would hear.

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