C 4: III. Love Without Conflict, P 2

III. Love Without Conflict, P 2

2 This is written in the form of a prayer because it is useful in moments of temptation. It is a declaration of independence. You will find it very helpful if you understand it fully. The reason you need my help is because you have denied your own Guide and therefore need guidance. My role is to separate the true from the false, so truth can break through the barriers the ego has set up and can shine into your mind. Against our united strength the ego cannot prevail.


I depend on that promise of help. I know just enough to know I don’t know anything. If in any situation I accept I don’t know, I can step back and allow Jesus to help me. He will sort through my thoughts, showing me what is true and what is just ego nonsense. Earlier he said he would substitute for my ego if I would let him and I readily agreed to that arrangement.

I notice during the day when I have let the ego take over and I remember that I have entrusted this to Jesus. It is a great help and has made for a much more peaceful day. Jesus says he teaches through contrast, and I see that those moments when I depend on ego thinking to make decisions seem so much more painful than they did before. The contrast is striking, and motivates me to be vigilant for my tendency to return to ego as my guide.

The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected, and the ego will not prevail against it. Amen.

When Jesus offered to substitute for the ego in my mind I knew this would be very helpful, but didn’t realize that it was more than just help with sorting through my thoughts. When Jesus and I join in this manner the Kingdom is perfectly united. For awhile now I have recognized how important joining is. Every lesson, every healing is magnified when I join with another.

This is what Jesus has been trying to tell me all through the Course. We have the idea of separation in our mind, and to undo it we need to join. We join every time we set aside the ego thought of separate interests. For instance, I might think I need my boss to recognize my value to the company. I want him to see me, and what I do for him, and realize I am more valuable to him than the other employees are.

Then I realize that what I really want is to be happy, peaceful, safe and loved. This is what he wants for himself as well. This is what the other employees want. Before that realization, I thought we each had separate interests and I had to be sure mine was met, which meant that theirs was not. After I realized that what I really wanted was the same thing that we all wanted, I no longer saw us as separate and in competition. I saw us as all joined in this same interest.

This is just one example of life as I learn to join rather than to separate. It seems like we join in this moment and then in another moment, for one specific thing or another specific thing. But it is more important than any specific problem, or any specific healing. These moments of joining are undoing the idea of separation. They are reminding us of our unity, awakening us from the dream of separation.

Joining with Jesus in this way, asking him to sort the through the thoughts in my mind and show me the ones that are true, is more than just helpful. It is uniting to protect the Kingdom, and the power of that uniting perfectly protects the Kingdom, and guarantees the ego will not prevail against it.

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