C 4: II. The Ego and False Autonomy, P 9

II. The Ego and False Autonomy, P 9

9 Myths and magic are closely associated, since myths are usually related to ego origins, and magic to the powers the ego ascribes to itself. Mythological systems generally include some account of “the creation,” and associate this with its particular form of magic. The so-called “battle for survival” is only the ego’s struggle to preserve itself, and its interpretation of its own beginning. This beginning is usually associated with physical birth, because it is hard to maintain that the ego existed before that point in time. The more “religiously” ego-oriented may believe that the soul existed before, and will continue to exist after a temporary lapse into ego life. Some even believe that the soul will be punished for this lapse. However, salvation does not apply to spirit, which is not in danger and does not need to be salvaged.


I can hardly believe that I ever mistook the mythological story of birth and death seriously, and it is beyond belief that I still fall for it. The myth holds that we are born of our parents, perhaps to thrive, perhaps not, but always to struggle. Since struggle seems inevitable we elevate the idea and congratulate ourselves when we do seem to survive. There are many variations on this same theme. When they are religious in nature we see God as the sometimes helper and sometimes judge, and always fearful in nature. No wonder we live in such confusion and fear when we believe we cannot even depend on our Creator myth.

None of this that we think of as life has any resemblance to reality. We don’t live at all. We dream of life, the ego’s life, which is only a myth, a fable, a fairytale. It is an ancient story, based on a false belief. How did we convince ourselves of something so absurd, so far from the truth that while life and Life run parallel, they can never meet. They will never reconcile, and so one must be relinquished in order to experience the other.

And even that is an unreal thought because how does one relinquish reality for an illusion? One can only dream of illusions, imagine them, pretend. One cannot actually undo reality in favor of the myth. We sleep and dream until we tire of our repetitious stories. Do you not tire of them now? It is our time to awaken, our time to turn from our mythological pretense and return to Reality. It is our time because we have made that decision.

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