C 3: V. Beyond Perception, P 4

V. Beyond Perception, P 4

4 The fundamental question you continually ask yourself cannot properly be directed to yourself at all. You keep asking what it is you are. This implies that the answer is not only one you know, but is also one that is up to you to supply. Yet you cannot perceive yourself correctly. You have no image to be perceived. The word “image” is always perception-related, and not a part of knowledge. Images are symbolic and stand for something else. The idea of “changing your image” recognizes the power of perception, but also implies that there is nothing stable to know.


I understand this. I often ask the question, “What am I?” but I don’t ask myself and I don’t try to figure it out. Neither do I try to change what I am, that is, I don’t try to change the image you see when you look at me and if the image changes anyway, I don’t believe that anything real changed. The image of Myron, body and personality, is not who I am.

I can play with that image all my life and no matter what seems to happen, nothing has actually been accomplished because that is not what I am. What I am cannot be changed, but it can be known. I simply have to ask the question of One Who knows. So far the answer has come as opportunities to let go of all I think I know. As that falls away the truth is revealing itself.

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