C 3: I. The Atonement Without Sacrifice, P 7

I. The Atonement Without Sacrifice, P 7

7 The Atonement itself radiates nothing but truth. It therefore epitomizes harmlessness and sheds only blessing. It could not do this if it arose from anything but perfect innocence. Innocence is wisdom because it is unaware of evil, and evil does not exist. It is, however, perfectly aware of everything that is true. The resurrection demonstrated that nothing can destroy truth. Good can withstand any form of evil, as light abolishes forms of darkness. The Atonement is therefore the perfect lesson. It is the final demonstration that all the other lessons I taught are true. If you can accept this one generalization now, there will be no need to learn from many smaller lessons. You are released from all errors if you believe this.


Something is happening as I practice accepting the Atonement. It began with the day I truly surrendered to the Atonement. I stood with arms outstretched and welcomed Love into my heart and asked it to heal all it found there. Gently, but steadily, the feeling I experienced at that moment has deepened. Now when I invite that healing power I cry, sometimes uncontrollably. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I suppose it will be revealed in perfect timing as always.

The Atonement is truth and innocence. It is the only thing here that is real, and it is unaffected by our illusions. It doesn’t acknowledge anything that is not real and so it is like a light being switched on in a dark room. All that is not light simply is not there anymore. And this is exactly what it feels like when I accept the Atonement in a particular situation. A light goes on and all my dark thoughts are gone.

For a couple of days now I have had judgmental thoughts about someone. I went through the usual nonsense of pushing the thoughts away, trying not to notice them. Then when this did not work, I asked for healing, but the problem didn’t seem that urgent as no one was being affected by my unexpressed thoughts. Well, no one but me, but I was pretending that wasn’t happening.

Finally, this morning when I sat down to do today’s study, I asked Jesus to be with me, to tell me what he wanted me to know from this paragraph. He pointed me toward that judgmental thought I had been trying to ignore. Once again I made a half-hearted attempt to let it go, that is, I tried to let it go through my own efforts. I saw that this was not working. (Big surprise, there.) So I told Jesus that I could not do this myself and needed help.

I said, “Here I am God. I think this person is guilty. I open my heart to you. Please send Your Love into my heart and heal the guilt that is there.” I noticed that as I envisioned the person I was projecting guilt onto, I felt a heavy sadness to see what I was doing to this dear brother. Once again, I cried as the light shown away the dark thoughts of guilt. It was instant and complete.

In the past, when I noticed a thought that was not true I tried to trivialize it if possible, pretending that it was a small unimportant matter. Then I tried to bat it away, to bury it more deeply in my mind where I wouldn’t notice it, or to throw it out of my mind onto someone else so it would seem as if it was no longer mine. But there is no violence in the Atonement. It does not fight back evil. It simply radiates truth and innocence, and it is mine for the asking. Well, actually, it is mine for the acceptance.

First I notice the Atonement is needed. Then I ask for the Atonement. But then I must accept it. Sometimes I take the first two steps, call it a day and walk away from it. Then I wonder why this problem keeps coming back. ~smile~ This practice of accepting the Atonement is leading me to total acceptance. Jesus says this:

If you can accept this one generalization now, there will be no need to learn from many smaller lessons.

So the daily practice is helping me to generalize the lesson. I am learning that the Atonement is the solution activated by Jesus so that we can all join him in awakening. Through using the Atonement every chance I get I am learning that it works and nothing else does. I am being awakened to the memory of peace and love and joy. At some point, the lesson will be generalized and when this happens, it is done. There will be no more small lessons because I will be released from all errors.

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