C 2: VII. Cause and Effect, P 3

VII. Cause and Effect, P 3

3 Both miracles and fear come from thoughts. If you are not free to choose one, you would also not be free to choose the other. By choosing the miracle you have rejected fear, if only temporarily. You have been fearful of everyone and everything. You are afraid of God, of me and of yourself. You have misperceived or miscreated Us, and believe in what you have made. You would not have done this if you were not afraid of your own thoughts. The fearful must miscreate, because they misperceive creation. When you miscreate you are in pain. The cause and effect principle now becomes a real expediter, though only temporarily. Actually, “Cause” is a term properly belonging to God, and His “Effect” is His Son. This entails a set of Cause and Effect relationships totally different from those you introduce into miscreation. The fundamental conflict in this world, then, is between creation and miscreation. All fear is implicit in the second, and all love in the first. The conflict is therefore one between love and fear.


There is actually only one Cause and that is God, the Effect is His Son, and there is only love in this creation. Through our misperception of everything, we have set into motion another set of cause and effect relationships, this one based on fear. So beneath every conflict we experience there is the fundamental conflict, that is, between creation and miscreation or, said another way, between love and fear.

We are creators and when we miscreate we are afraid of what we have done because it is unnatural. We have misperceived God and are afraid of our miscreation. In an effort to be rid of the fear we project it and so we have these stories going on. It seems that it is easier to believe that we are afraid of not having enough money or that someone we love is dying or could die than it is to own up to our misperceptions.

As long as we keep the miscreations in the world we can always tell ourselves that we can fix it, or that this too shall pass, or if it doesn’t kill us it will make us stronger. Or a personal non-favorite is that we suffer for God. That must be right up there with the most misguided of the miscreations. God is Love Itself and we have, through our faulty thinking, made of Him an idol to fear.

Yesterday I lost a customer, which for me means I lost income. Immediately, ego goes into panic mode. I feel a rush of adrenaline. Then I remember that this is only a mistaken thought, a miscreation and I ask for the Atonement in this situation. I feel better immediately because I know I made the right choice, but then the ego begins its usual rant.

What could I be thinking? How could this not matter? I am going to wind up without enough money to pay for my house I just bought. Then what? What will my boss say? The ego can go on and on until it sees me living huddled in a card board box eating out of dumpsters. But for the moment, all the objections seem to make sense and I am confused. But I know one thing. I know that I am not meant for fear and this cannot be truth.

For just this one moment, I am willing to disregard appearances and open my mind to the Holy Spirit. I ask for the Atonement in this situation and I accept it. I am at peace. The peace may not be permanent, fear may rise in my mind again, but every time I do this the fear is not as strong and it does not last as long. This time the fear did not even last long enough for me to project it onto others. I never even looked for someone to blame.

As my mind began to calm I remembered something important. Nothing is really happening. I am not afraid because I lost a customer. I lost a customer because I am afraid. The fear comes first and is then projected as a story in this life I seem to be living. Yesterday, in spite of my fear, I looked at my story with the Holy Spirit and I saw it for what it was, a misperception, a miscreation, just a mistaken thought. When I refused to accept the lies and asked for healing, the fear simply went away. Fear is only a mistaken thought and peace is a true thought.

What followed was an idea that may help me recover that customer. I passed it on to one of my workers and he acted on it. It may work out just fine, but if it doesn’t that’s ok, too. I am always just a thought away from perfect peace and perfect joy, just a thought away from a healed mind. As a fearful mind projects fearful stories, a healed mind projects peaceful stories so I am always only a thought away from living the happy dream.

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