ACIM Workbook Lesson 235

ACIM Workbook Lesson 235 God in His mercy wills I be Father’s Will for me is only happiness. I am the Son He loves.

The Father keeps what He created safe. You cannot touch it with the false ideas you made.

God in His mercy wills that I be saved.

1. I need but look upon all things that seem to hurt me, and with perfect certainty assure myself, “God wills that I be saved from this,” and merely watch them disappear. ²I need but keep in mind my Father’s Will for me is only happiness, to find that only happiness has come to me. ³And I need but remember that God’s Love surrounds His Son and keeps his sinlessness forever perfect, to be sure that I am saved and safe forever in His Arms. ⁴I am the Son He loves. ⁵And I am saved because God in His mercy wills it so.

2. Father, Your Holiness is mine. ²Your Love created me, and made my sinlessness forever part of You. ³I have no guilt nor sin in me, for there is none in You.

Salvation Is Releasing Guilt

I notice how often when Jesus talks about salvation, he reminds us that we are innocent. It is the belief in guilt we need to be saved from. Since the ego is the belief in guilt and fear, we are not going to get any help in releasing this belief from the part of that part of the mind. But if we keep asking the Holy Spirit to look with us at guilt, we will free ourselves. By doing this we are instructing the mind to see guilt differently, to recognize it as unreal and unwanted.

Guilt was a huge part of my life for many years. I felt intense guilt for even the smallest of transgressions. As a result, I saw others as guilty as well. These days as a result of vigilant practice in releasing these stories of guilt, this doesn’t happen often, and when it does, I find it easy to let it go. Yesterday, however, was an exception.

God Wills I Be Saved From This

I think it started when I went shopping. I started noticing who was wearing a mask and who wasn’t and from there began noticing other separating things and the ego was off and running. I found it so uncomfortable that I just wanted to go home and hide out in my sanctuary where I would be isolated from all these triggers.

But hiding out doesn’t heal anything. Avoiding triggers doesn’t get rid of them. Asking the Holy Spirit to show me a different way to perceive things is the solution. In this lesson Jesus gives us a simple statement to get to that true perception. He tells us to say to ourselves, “God wills that I be saved from this,” and merely watch them disappear. He tells us to say this with perfect certainty. We can afford to be certain because seeing guilt is seeing an illusion. We cannot be guilty because we are still and always will be as God created us. We are innocent.

From What Is Salvation?

The Thought of peace was given to God’s Son the instant that his mind had thought of war.

The Thought of peace is the Holy Spirit. The moment we had a thought of war, that is, a conflicted mind, the Answer was given us. Just as we made up all the stories of separation that could possibly occur, the Answer corrected all those stories. There exists in our mind the script that we are living and the script that represents the Holy Spirit’s correction of it.

Yesterday, I was watching the version of the script that represented Myron’s belief in guilt and I had to make a decision that brought me back to the truth of our innocence. This shifted me to the Holy Spirit’s version of the life of Myron, a happier dream of Myron. I also listened to A Course in Miracles all night while I slept and I dreamed of portions of it being applied to some dream story. Listening to the Course like that sort of resets my mind when it loses its way temporarily. I woke up feeling happy and peaceful again.

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