ACIM Lesson 291

ACIM Lesson 291

This is a day of stillness and of peace. Christ’s vision looks through me today. His sight shows me all things forgiven and at peace, and offers this same vision to the world.

Some things aren't visible until you're truly ready to see them. Lao Tzu

This is a day of stillness and of peace.

1. Christ’s vision looks through me today. ²His sight shows me all things forgiven and at peace, and offers this same vision to the world. ³And I accept this vision in its name, both for myself and for the world as well. ⁴What loveliness we look upon today! ⁵What holiness we see surrounding us! ⁶And it is given us to recognize it is a holiness in which we share; it is the Holiness of God Himself.

2. This day my mind is quiet, to receive the Thoughts You offer me. ²And I accept what comes from You, instead of from myself. ³I do not know the way to You. ⁴But You are wholly certain. ⁵Father, guide Your Son along the quiet path that leads to You. ⁶Let my forgiveness be complete, and let the memory of You return to me.

This Is the Day that the Lord Has Made… for Me

It’s very early in the morning. I love being up early before the day gets busy and I have time to fully contemplate the lesson for the day. I especially find the lessons in the second half of the workbook to be delicious. This is a day of stillness and of peace. Thank you, God, for this day. One time, Regina was quoting the Bible and added just two words to a passage that gave it special meaning. She said, This is the day that the Lord has made… for me. This day He has made it one of stillness and peace and I will honor it by doing my best to allow Christ’s vision to look through me today.

How Will I Choose to See the World Today?

Every day I have the choice of seeing the world forgiven or seeing it as the effect of false beliefs. The world seen from the perspective of the split mind is frightening and sometimes horrific. The world as seen with Christ’s vision is peaceful, lovely and holy. We see what is within our own mind, always. The forgiven world is a reflection of a mind that has forgiven it, that is all. The world can appear different at different times and in different lights because it is not real and thus can shift and change. Even the real world is not real, but the world forgiven reflects that which is real.

The World Is What We Make of It

When I was about 15 or 16, I fell off my bike and knocked out a front tooth and have had a partial ever since. It is just a piece of plastic with a couple of teeth on it and over the years I have had to replace it a couple of times when it broke. The other day it broke again. In the past when I had to go without it for the two weeks or so that it took to get a new one made, I would be very upset. This time when it happened, I had a moment of being upset and then I was back at peace. I instantly forgave the idea that this was an upsetting event. It happened without conscious thought because I have made a habit of thinking like this. The world is what we make of it with our beliefs.

The Mind Heals the Body

I have nerve damage in my foot and at times it is painful. Jesus has told us that pain is not real. He has told us there is no order of difficulty in miracles. ²One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. ³They are all the same. ⁴All expressions of love are maximal. (ACIM, T-1.I.1:1-4) He also says this: The guiltless mind cannot suffer. ²Being sane, the mind heals the body because it has been healed. ³ (ACIM, T-5.V.5:1-3) I wonder what it is in my mind that needs to be corrected. I wonder why I have resisted this healing. Clearly, my mind is not yet sane, but it is becoming sane. I appreciate that Jesus is reminding us in this lesson that we don’t know the way to God but He will lead us there. I am content to be led.

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