ACIM Lesson 282

ACIM Lesson 282 I will not be afraid of love today. If I could realize but this today, salvation would be reached for all the world.

Decide you want to be happy and watch miracles happen.

I will not be afraid of love today.

1. If I could realize but this today, salvation would be reached for all the world. ²This the decision not to be insane, and to accept myself as God Himself, my Father and my Source, created me. ³This the determination not to be asleep in dreams of death, while truth remains forever living in the joy of love. ⁴And this the choice to recognize the Self Whom God created as the Son He loves, and Who remains my one Identity.

2. Father, Your Name is Love and so is mine. ²Such is the truth. ³And can the truth be changed by merely giving it another name? ⁴The name of fear is simply a mistake. ⁵Let me not be afraid of truth today.

I Will Not Be Afraid of Who I Am

To say that I will not be afraid of love today means that I will not be afraid of my Self today. I will not be afraid to wake up and know that this is a dream and not reality. I will not be afraid to accept that I really am as God created me, an extension of God, pure love, spirit and not body. I will not be afraid to let go of the separate, personal self I assumed in the tiny mad idea. I pray today not to be afraid of the truth.

Discoverig the Objections to Accepting Who I Am

In the past I looked at some tips from Regina Dawn Akers on this lesson. I revisited them today to see how I felt about them now. Here is what she said.

The ego will not tell you that it is afraid of your truth. It will not separate itself from your truth in that way, because then you will see that the ego isn’t your truth. In that seeing, you are set free.

Instead, the ego will provide everyday objections to identifying with awareness. For example, it might say:

  • People will think you are weird.
  • People will think you are egotistical, pretending to be something you aren’t.
  • You aren’t ready. You need to learn more first, or you need to have mystical experiences first.
  • You won’t be able to take care of everyday responsibilities. You will be out of touch with everyday life.
  • It’s simply not true. That’s not who you are. This is who you are. Spiritual teachings are mere fantasy.
  • You don’t have time for this. There are important things that require your attention.

All of these objections, and other objections similar to them, are expressions of the ego’s fear of love.

Overcoming Objections to Knowing Who I Am

I have looked at Regina’s list of objections carefully and honestly. I am no longer worried about appearing weird, even in front of my children. I still notice the occasional fear of being considered egotistical but I don’t let that stop me. You aren’t ready is one that I still cling to, but Jesus has been telling me that this isn’t true, that I don’t need to learn more or have any mystical experiences first.

I am starting to see that this idea of needing to do more to prepare for each step is just an ego decision to not accept what I am. If I already am what God created, what do I need to learn? Clinging to those few ego beliefs is a way of pretending that I can’t do this yet. The rest of the objections she suggests are simply not true and I know this.

I know several people who are awakened and have been for years and they cope just fine with life. They are happy and peaceful and the most loving people I know. When I experienced the first shift a couple of years ago, I didn’t experience any difficulty adjusting to it. In fact, life became easier to navigate and I reached a level of happiness and peace of mind that I had never experienced before.

Fully Accepting My Self

To fully accept my Self as God created me, I must let go of the self I made to take its place. There is nothing else for me to learn or to do to take this step other than to truly desire it. I watch my mind for further objections and I watch closely because the ego part of the mind doesn’t want to find these objections.

One day I was watching a show on TV and I loved the story. I had a fleeting thought that I caught. It was that to fully awaken would mean that I could never experience another story like this one. Ok, there was an objection, the fear of giving up the stories altogether. The belief that maybe there is a story in my long, long existence that I have not experienced.

I gave that thought to the Holy Spirit in gratitude that He would remove it from my mind. This is the kind of thing I am looking for now, hidden objections, fears that I can release. Jesus tells us this: ⁴The name of fear is simply a mistake. ⁵Let me not be afraid of truth today. Sometimes I listen to the ego telling me there is something to fear in being what I am, but I am also being told that fear itself is a mistake and I don’t have to believe in it. There is only truth, not truth and fear.

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