ACIM Lesson 276

ACIM Lesson 276 The Word of God is given me to speak. What is the Word of God? ²“My Son is pure and holy as Myself.” ³And thus did God become the Father of the Son He loves, for thus was he created.


The Word of God is given me to speak.

1. What is the Word of God? ²“My Son is pure and holy as Myself.” ³And thus did God become the Father of the Son He loves, for thus was he created. ⁴This the Word His Son did not create with Him, because in this His Son was born. ⁵Let us accept His Fatherhood, and all is given us. ⁶Deny we were created in His Love and we deny our Self, to be unsure of Who we are, of Who our Father is, and for what purpose we have come. ⁷And yet, we need but to acknowledge Him Who gave His Word to us in our creation, to remember Him and so recall our Self.

2. Father, Your Word is mine. ²And it is this that I would speak to all my brothers, who are given me to cherish as my own, as I am loved and blessed and saved by You.

God Is Not Like Us, We are Like Him

Jesus has told us before in the Text that the only difference between God and Us is that the Son was created by God but the Son cannot create God. He is telling us this again here. How odd that we have been so determined to create God in our reduced image of bodies and personalities with all our flaws. You would think that we would be delighted to hear that instead of God being like us, we are like Him. And yet, we cling pathetically to the image we made of ourselves. We try to drag God down to our level, assuming he holds grudges and seeks vengeance against His own creations. We, then, feel justified in behaving in the same way.

Today Could be Different

Today, I choose to believe Jesus and accept that God created me by proclaiming that I am as pure and holy as Himself. I know that it looks like I have made of myself a frail and vulnerable body and that I am “only human’ and thus my strange and awful behaviors are justified, but I know this is not true. I remain as God created me and I speak this truth to all my brothers who are as God created them. To most, I don’t speak aloud, but I treat them as the holy and pure Self that they are. I hold that truth in my mind even as they, like me, act as if guilt and fear were His creations.

I don’t do this perfectly… yet. But I practice it every day, and I express my gratitude that it is so in spite of appearances. I forgive all I see in others and feel in myself that is not the Word of God. I forgive it and let it go because it is just a strange illusion and not reality. I am not the body that I am weirdly attached to, this flawed character, Myron. I am the Son of God, created in His Love and I will remember who I am and why I came. I will remember my Self. One of the ways I practice the truth is to remind myself often that I am not this body and not in this body.

Today We Could Accept Our True Identity

I am His sleeping Son deciding to wake up now that I am wearied of the dream. I imagine myself existing outside the body of Myron, behind and to the left, watching and feeling all that happens in this story. I am aware of the beliefs that drive the story and see their effects. In this way, I am able to make decisions as to which beliefs are real and which are unreal. Then I forgive the unreal and let them go. I imagine that everyone I encounter is outside their body images as well. No matter what these images are doing and saying, we look with love on each other and gently smile at the joke. In this way, I am waking up and accepting my true Identity as His Son.

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