ACIM Lesson 274

ACIM Lesson 274 Today belongs to love. Let me not fear. Father, today I would let all things be as You created them, and give Your Son the honor due his sinlessness.

All healing is essentially the release from fear. Fear arises from lack of love. The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love.

Today belongs to love. Let me not fear.

1. Father, today I would let all things be as You created them, and give Your Son the honor due his sinlessness; the love of brother to his brother and his Friend. ²Through this I am redeemed. ³Through this as well the truth will enter where illusions were, light will replace all darkness, and Your Son will know he is as You created him.

2. A special blessing comes to us today, from Him Who is our Father. ²Give this day to Him, and there will be no fear today, because the day is given unto love.

What Am I?

Through these lessons, we are learning what is possible for us. Yesterday, for instance, we learned that it is possible to be in perfect peace. Today we learn that it is possible to have no fear if we give the day to love. How do I give the day to love? I let all things be as God created them. God created us as an extension of Himself, perfect, innocent Love. I am reminded of the section, What Am I?

1. I am God’s Son, complete and healed and whole, shining in the reflection of His Love. ²In me is His creation sanctified and guaranteed eternal life. ³In me is love perfected, fear impossible, and joy established without opposite. ⁴I am the holy home of God Himself. ⁵I am the Heaven where His Love resides. ⁶I am His holy Sinlessness Itself, for in my purity abides His Own. (ACIM, W-pII.14.1:1-6)

Today, I am probably not going to leave my house. I have a full schedule and it’s supposed to be stormy so staying home is a good idea. But I will be talking to several people today, and before each call or zoom meeting, I am going to read this to remind me to let all things be as God created them. And each person who comes to mind, if there is any temptation to imagine them as less than God created them, I will read this again to remind me of the truth about them. I anticipate a special day of Love meeting Love in every encounter. Where could there be fear in such a day?

I Know My Function

I know my function and I don’t forget it. This is the effect of using this practice consistently. Here is an example. This morning I needed something out of my purse and couldn’t find it. I wondered if I left it in the unlocked car and quickly that led to fear it was stolen and fear that if I forgot this, I might forget something really important. Just as quickly, I remembered my commitment for the day and knew that I had given the day to love and so there can be no fear. The anxiety lifted immediately and I looked down at my couch to see the strap of my purse peeking from under the throw. Finding the purse without wasting too much time was great but the speed at which I turned my thoughts around was the actual good news.

My commitment to today’s lesson has made me hyper-vigilant for fear thoughts and I am aware that the ego thought system is pulling me toward fear in little things. I simply stand on the truth instead. Fear can also show up as doubt and uncertainty, but I know what to do about that, too. I remind myself of the truth and move on. This mind is my kingdom over which I have absolute rule and I will not yield to the ego thought system. In doing this work, I am a help to others as I extend love and peace.

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