ACIM Workbook Lesson 225

“In A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson 225, we can learn what it means that our Father loves us and we love Him, that giving and receiving are the same.

ACIM Lesson 225 represented by two hands reaching out. "You have reached your hand to me and I will never leave you"

God is my Father, and His Son loves Him.

1. Father, I must return Your Love for me, for giving and receiving are the same, and You have given all Your Love to me. ²I must return it, for I want it mine in full awareness, blazing in my mind and keeping it within its kindly light, inviolate, beloved, with fear behind and only peace ahead. ³How still the way Your loving Son is led along to You!

2. Brother, we find that stillness now. ²The way is open. ³Now we follow it in peace together. ⁴You have reached your hand to me, and I will never leave you. ⁵We are one, and it is but this oneness that we seek, as we accomplish these few final steps which end a journey that was not begun.

How I Return God’s Love for Me

The way I return His Love for me is to awaken from this dream that we are separate. I let go of the thoughts that prevent joining with God. It’s that simple really, and feels hard only when I don’t wholly desire healing, when there is something else that I want. But I do want this Love of God blazing in my mind! I’m watching my mind for what else I think I want instead.

Do I Want the Peace of God?

I have been surprised to find a number of things, careless wishes that block the awareness of Love’s presence. When I find these senseless ideas in my mind, I ask myself what it is I want. Do I want the contractor to show up? Or do I want the peace of God? I can’t want something and be at peace. Do I want my website upgrade to go smoothly, or do I want the peace of God? As soon as I want something, I have lost my peace because there is the belief in lack and that belief is not peaceful.

How Do I Know the Love of God?

I cannot know the Love of God if I do not love what He loves. If I am angry with or resentful of anyone, I have lost the awareness of God’s all-encompassing Love even though it is all around and all through me.

I cannot know the Love of God if I don’t accept it. Are there things I still want more than His Love? Do I want the illusion of control? Do I want to control my life or someone else’s life? I used to think that my desire to help my kids be safe and happy was love but I see now that it was just the need to control so that I would feel safe and happy. I am learning the beauty and restful nature of surrender. I surrender life knowing that from the perspective of self as a body, I have no control and I allow life to flow. It will anyway.


⁴You have reached your hand to me, and I will never leave you. My dearest Brother, I love you. My gratitude for you has no end. I will walk with you wherever you would have us go. Thank you for your patience and your dedication to me as I stumble along. You have brought me so far, so much farther than I could ever have guessed I could go. I am devoted to your path and determined to complete the journey with you.

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