ACIM Lesson 221 2021

Peace to my mind.

Peace to my mind.

ACIM Lesson 221 

Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still. 

1. Father, I come to You today to seek the peace that You alone can give. ²I come in silence. ³In the quiet of my heart, the deep recesses of my mind, I wait and listen for Your Voice. ⁴My Father, speak to me today. ⁵I come to hear Your Voice in silence and in certainty and love, sure You will hear my call and answer me. 

2. Now do we wait in quiet. ²God is here, because we wait together. ³I am sure that He will speak to you, and you will hear. ⁴Accept my confidence, for it is yours. ⁵Our minds are joined. ⁶We wait with one intent; to hear our Father’s answer to our call, to let our thoughts be still and find His peace, to hear Him speak to us of what we are, and to reveal Himself unto His Son. 

(ACIM, W-221.1:1–2:6

What a gorgeous prayer this is! It calms my mind just to read it. I sit with Jesus and I wait in silence knowing that I will be heard and I will hear. I may hear words, or I may simply feel the Love of God. I may experience healing. I might feel nothing or experience nothing at all on the physical level, but I know that much has happened. I am filled with gratitude. Here I am, Father. I surrender to you. I love You and I long to know myself as part of You. Hear my call, Father.