C 7: XI. The State of Grace, P 7

XI. The State of Grace, P 7

7 You cannot deny part of truth. You do not know your creations because you do not know their creator. You do not know yourself because you do not know yours. Your creations cannot establish your reality, any more than you can establish God’s. But you can know both. Being is known by sharing. Because God shared His Being with you, you can know Him. But you must also know all He created, to know what they have shared. Without your Father you will not know your fatherhood. The Kingdom of God includes all His Sons and their children, who are as like the Sons as they are like the Father. Know, then, the Sons of God, and you will know all creation.


This is the clearest Jesus has been about our creations. God created us through sharing His Being with us. We created our children through sharing Our Being with them. I don’t even know what to say about that. To accept this, I must fully accept my Divinity. I am not a smaller child-like version of God. I am like God.

This is done. I am created and the nature of my creation is certain and cannot change. My creations share that certainty and changelessness. But I don’t remember this. I have blocked it from my mind with thoughts of separation. To remember any of it, I must remember it all. I must remember God, and my brothers as my brothers, all of them, leaving none out, seeing none as unworthy. I must remember my children. It is a complete package or it remains lost to me.

The way I remember is through sharing. I was created through the sharing of God, and I created through the sharing of My Self, so this is how I will regain my memory. The only thing stopping this is that I am still trying to pick and choose parts of the Sonship to accept and with whom to share. I cannot quite bring myself to accept this one person at work. I find a young woman I know to be unworthy of my acceptance. I doubt this one who calls himself a teacher.

Until I am willing to know each and every brother as part of the Sonship, perfect and holy and free of the stain of sin, I will not know my Self. Until then, I deny myself unbroken communion with my Creator and my creations. I am not here by accident. I chose it and I choose it again and again all through the day each time I refuse to acknowledge even a single person as part of my Whole Self.

I will probably not spend the day in perfect sharing of my self with other aspects of my self. I will probably condemn one person or another for some little error they make. I may use some precious brother as a scapegoat for the unwanted dark bits of myself, and projecting them onto that one I separate out for that purpose, pretend he is the guilty one, not me. But if I do, I pray that I remember the horrible cost of doing so, and change my mind. I pray that the Holy Spirit will correct my perception and heal my mind.

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