C 7: XI. The State of Grace, P 6

XI. The State of Grace, P 6

6 Out of your natural environment you may well ask, “What is truth?” since truth is the environment by which and for which you were created. You do not know yourself, because you do not know your Creator. You do not know your creations because you do not know your brothers, who created them with you. I have already said that only the whole Sonship is worthy to be co-creator with God, because only the whole Sonship can create like Him. Whenever you heal a brother by recognizing his worth, you are acknowledging his power to create and yours. He cannot have lost what you recognize, and you must have the glory you see in him. He is a co-creator with God with you. Deny his creative power, and you are denying yours and that of God Who created you.


God created me to be a co-creator with Him. The me I speak of here is the true Self which is one with all aspects of Itself. Speaking more clearly, the “me” spoke of here is the Sonship as a whole. We remember ourselves as co-creator as we remember our Oneness. Because this is true, it is just as important that my brother wake up as it is that I wake up. We must know ourselves as whole again.

I wake up my brother by recognizing the truth of who he is. I recognize his worth as an aspect of the Sonship. I do this without regard to appearances. I disregard them because they are not real. The mirrors in a fun house at the carnival might fascinate me, but I am not going to weep because one shows me a distorted vision of myself. Neither will I be misled because the world shows me a distorted vision of my brother.

If my brother is temporarily duped by the fun house mirror effect, I can enlighten him by being clear sighted and not being fooled by the effect myself. I will then acknowledge only his real self. At some point he will notice that I see something he does not see and his mind will open to another vision. This process may be a verbal one, but not necessarily.

My continued faith and trust in him may well be all that is needed to awaken the truth in his mind and help him cultivate his own trust, no matter how weakened it might be. As I help him to recognize his own glory, I am convinced of mine. What a perfect and elegant plan the Atonement is.

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