C 7: VIII. The Unbelievable Belief, P 4

VIII. The Unbelievable Belief, P 4

4 You cannot perpetuate an illusion about another without perpetuating it about yourself. There is no way out of this, because it is impossible to fragment the mind. To fragment is to break into pieces, and mind cannot attack or be attacked. The belief that it can, an error the ego always makes, underlies its whole use of projection. It does not understand what mind is, and therefore does not understand what you are. Yet its existence is dependent on your mind, because the ego is your belief. The ego is a confusion in identification. Never having had a consistent model, it never developed consistently. It is the product of the misapplication of the laws of God by distorted minds that are misusing their power.


The ego is the product of the misapplication of the laws of God by distorted minds that are misusing their power. That is an excellent definition of ego. We are powerful and we exist under the laws of God, but through our power we have misused these laws and so have distorted our minds. We think we have done the impossible. We think our minds have been fragmented.

Everything we see with the body’s eyes is a reflection of a thought in the mind. So the separate bodies we see are a reflection of the thought of fragmentation. We look out from these bodies and think what we see proves our belief when actually all it proves is that we believe something that isn’t true. In believing we can fragment the mind we believe we have attacked God.

This belief in attack is reflected in the world as attack on our brothers and defense from our brothers, thus further distorting our oneness. This belief in fragmentation extends to ourselves as well. We like this about ourselves and hate that. We sometimes love ourselves and sometimes hate ourselves.

I have started a love campaign. I love myself. I love my body regardless of how it looks or feels. I love my personality even when it seems off kilter. I love my mind even when it is split. I love the food I eat without regard to any meaning I have ever given it. I love the environment regardless of temperature or weather or my comfort level with it.

I love the people I meet every day whether they respond to me in a positive or negative way. I love the person who checks me in at the hotel even when he puts me in the wrong room. I love the clerk who talks to her friend while I wait to be checked out. I love the banker who puts my money in the wrong account. I love my customer who chooses to buy from someone else.

The illusion of fragmentation causes fear and guilt and the solution to fear and guilt is perfect love. Perfect love is the Atonement. I ask for and receive the Atonement. My campaign of love is preparing my mind to accept the Atonement in every situation. I am learning consistency through loving consistently. My campaign of love is helping me remember what I am.

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