C 7: VII. The Totality of the Kingdom, P 10

VII. The Totality of the Kingdom, P 10

10 You are the Will of God. Do not accept anything else as your will, or you are denying what you are. Deny this and you will attack, believing you have been attacked. But see the Love of God in you, and you will see it everywhere because it is everywhere. See His abundance in everyone, and you will know that you are in Him with them. They are part of you, as you are part of God. You are as lonely without understanding this as God Himself is lonely when His Sons do not know Him. The peace of God is understanding this. There is only one way out of the world’s thinking, just as there was only one way into it. Understand totally by understanding totality.


The sentence which means the most to me is the last one. “Understand totally by understanding totality.” I will know peace and love and joy when I accept that I am not alone and separate. I am part of a whole. My brother is myself. I am part of God and part of all there is and the same is true for everyone else.

This is the simple truth that I have been able to avoid so far. I became angry with my co-worker because he seemed a threat to me. How could this be? He is my counter-part. He is a different version of me. He is me playing the part of a young man with a particular personality. But in reality, in truth, he is me and we are God.

How could I be in conflict with him without being in conflict with myself and with God since we are all part of the same Wholeness. If I think I am at war with my brother and we are both part of God, then I must, in part of my mind, believe I am at war with God. No wonder I am not at peace. I am never upset for the reason and this is why. I tell myself that my brother attacks me, but in my confusion I must think that this means I am attacked by myself and by God.

How could I be attacked or harmed in any way? I am part of God, in God and safe from harm and since I am part of all that is, what is there to harm me? If I feel threatened, I must be dreaming. The threat can only be an illusion. Can the Son of God be threatened by an illusion? There is a way out of this confused and insane thinking.

A Course in Miracles offers me the path out and the way Home. I accept that I am God’s Son, part of Him always. Nothing else is possible and nothing else is my desire. I know that I am part of all that is. I know that my brother is part of the same Wholeness. We are One. We are innocent. There are no exceptions to this.

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